How CDG Engineers & Associates Built a Culture around Information Management

Posted by Linda Dininger on May 20, 2019

Information Management

With 140 employees in seven offices, it can be difficult for any company to maintain corporate consistency. CDG Engineers & Associates recognized this and decided to take control of how they approached managing their project and corporate information. In order to continue to grow their business, CDG understood it was crucial to manage this information as a single company across all offices.

Implementing a new system doesn’t happen overnight. It is no secret that engineers don’t like change. So how did CDG encourage their employees to make the shift to and adopt Deltek PIM to manage their project information in an orderly and more effective way?

Set Expectations from the Top Down

A key part of getting employees to adopt a solution like this was creating buy in from the company’s CEO, executive team and project managers. Without leadership’s mandate and encouragement to use a new system, employees have no motivation to even try. As such, employees could miss out on discovering the power a new system has to offer.

What does top-down buy in look like? It means communicating why this change is happening and how it will benefit the company in the long run. It means setting expectations and leading by example. It means proactively engaging with employees to shepherd them through the process.  It also means celebrating achievements together, providing updates of internal success stories of the new system.

Communicate Long-Term Benefits

As with any new software, it takes time to get acquainted. Remember when you began learning how to use Autodesk Revit? Fast forward nearly two decades, the value of building information modeling is astounding.

Similarly, learning how to manage project and corporate information will transform how companies conduct business. Investing more time up front when storing files unleashes the true power of Deltek PIM when it is most critical. Your files now are located in a single place and are indexed for uncomplicated searches.

Imagine needing to locate the most recent version of a structural drawing while in the field. In a matter of seconds, field teams are able to not only quickly locate the drawing on their mobile device, but also address subcontractor questions in a matter of seconds. Conversely, how much time would it have taken to find that same information in a traditional network environment?


"I definitely like PIM better than our old system. The search indexing and being able to tag documents to multiple pools and projects are powerful features."



Fold the Change into an Ongoing Endeavor

CDG already was in the process of standardizing many of their workflows as it related to their Deltek ERP solution. As a result, employees needed to adjust their processes anyway, so CDG decided to roll together those changes with the implementation of Deltek PIM. In one fell swoop, the company benefits from new standard processes across their entire company which will increase productivity, allowing all employees to work more efficiently.

In a matter of a few months, their employees are seeing the profound impact of Deltek PIM.


"I love it. It's so much simpler to find what I need because I don't have to know what server it's on or hope people set up the project correctly."



To learn more about how CDG integrated Deltek PIM into their culture, you can view the webinar here.


About the Author

Linda Dininger spent over 20 years creating marketing content for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. She also is a former Deltek Vision user and has implemented a CRM solution that transformed the way the business development group managed their contacts and pipeline. Now as product marketing for Deltek Project Information Management (PIM), Linda combines her knowledge of the AEC industry with the power that proactive information management can provide companies. Connect with Linda on LinkedIn.