2018 Round Up - Best Architecture and Engineering Webinars

Posted by Sam Nohava on January 3, 2019

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Throughout the year, Deltek hosted over 125 hours of webinars focused around A&E industry best practices and trends to help make your projects more successful and achieve performance that maximizes productivity and revenue. We invite you to check out the top 10 webinars from 2018 for key takeaways to help position you and your team for growth and success in the coming year! 

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The Top 10 A&E Webinars for 2018


39th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study Results

Catch up on the overall results from the 39th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study - the longest running and most comprehensive study in the industry. During this sessions we provided a comprehensive overview of their year's key findings. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of the current challenges facing the A&E industry, the key initiatives that will impact your business now and into the future, and how your firm measures up against A&E specific KPIs.

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Project Management Trends and Best Practices for 2019 and Beyond

With such a huge part of a firm's success dependent on their projects' success, it's surprising to find that only 47% of firms use a formal project management process for the majority of their projects. Join PSMJ's Dave Burstein and Deltek to learn the project management trends and best practices to focus on for success in 2019 and beyond.

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The Virtual 2018 Deltek A&E Showcase

In today's fast-paced and competitive environment, how can you set yourself apart? Having a deeper knowledge of current transformational trends and technologies in the Architecture & Engineering industry will give you a distinct advantage in the marketplace and better position your firm for growth.

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Introducing Deltek PIM - Email Management Quick Start

Email has become a critical form of business and project communication, but the growing volume means that it is almost impossible to keep on top of. The newly available Deltek PIM - Email Management Quick Start offering empowers your firm to mitigate risk and increase efficiency in as little as two weeks. Best of all? It can be fully integrated with your Deltek ERP system.

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Hear from Your Peers: Take It to the Cloud!

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries have been rapidly adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud solutions to meet critical business needs. Hear from Deltek clients on why they moved to the Cloud, and how their business has changed since making the move!

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Getting the Right People on the Right Projects with Resource Planning

Successful project management is more than just managing schedules and budgets. The most important factor is getting the right people on the right for the right tasks at the right time, but with competing priorities, how can you be sure you have the people you need to deliver your projects?

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Workforce 2025! Shape Your Workforce Today for Tomorrow's Challenges

By 2025, the 'job' as we know will have evolved into something we may not recognize. Millennials will be the majority, wrestling over how to integrate Generation Z into the workplace. Fluid workspaces and the 'always connected' employee morph the challenges of work/life balance into work/life integration. Performance reviews will be real time, employer branding will define you, and gamification will be the norm. Hear from Bob Kelleher from the Employee Engagement Group as he discusses "Workforce 2025! Bold Steps to Shape Your Workforce Today for Tomorrow's Challenges" 

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Why Your Firm Can't Live Without CRM

Finding new opportunities and nurturing client relationships are critical for A&E firms, but many firms have uncoordinated client touches, unreliable forecasts, disjointed proposal development, wasted resources and disconnect between teams, which leads to missed opportunities and unhappy clients.

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3 Reasons to Switch from Your Generic Accounting System

Generic accounting solutions fall short of providing the functionality that a growing Architecture & Engineering firms needs to be successful. When projects mean profits, you need a solution that just works. Hear from Sean DeCoster, Principal at Civil-Site Design Group, on why they transitioned from QuickBooks to Deltek Ajera.

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Powerful Talent Strategies to Boost your Business in 2018

As we can all attest, annual planning is a huge undertaking especially when it comes to your people. Most organizations don't put the thought and effort into a stellar strategy from hiring to retiring their talent. Catch Deltek's Dave Lee in the "Powerful Talent Strategies to Boost your Business in 2018" webinar as he demonstrates how to build strategies to engage employees from their first day through retirement.

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Why Your Firm Can't Live Without PIM

Managing projects is the lifeblood of any architecture & engineering firm. Oftentimes firms focus on managing project schedule and budget, but what about documents, drawings and emails? Executing projects creates a lot of paperwork and without effective project information management, you are putting your firm at risk.

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Best Wishes for a Prosperous and Happy New Year!

The Deltek AEC Team