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Posted by Brian Siefkes on July 29, 2016


One of the sections of this year’s Clarity study, “Benchmarking Project Management Performance” provides detailed insight into how firms view their current project management capabilities and initiatives.  While the financial performance results for firms shows moderate growth, project management was noted as an area of intense focus for investment to improve performance.  We asked firms to provide an estimate of their projects that were currently on or under budget and the response was 70%.  That figure is down 5% from the previous year which shows improvement has been made.  This is not a direct measurement of project management performance, but it is a good indicator that there is more angst within the industry regarding the state of the projects financial status.

The study dug deeper into what firms felt was the primary challenge their project management faced and the clear consensus was “competing priorities” for project managers.  It is clear in speaking with firms that they have increased expectations for project managers when it comes to financial management, client relationships and internal administrative responsibilities.  These increased expectations have created a strain on many project managers as they learn to adopt new processes.  The expected outcomes from this increased workload is that project managers will be better able to drive project profit and mentor future managers within the firm.

Firms universally agree that investing in their existing team, as well as hiring and onboarding the right people, is critical to their future success.  The top three initiatives for firms going into next year are; more clearly defining responsibilities for project management, developing internal PM best practices, and investing in PM training.  This clearly indicates that firms understand the importance of arming their team with the right tools and knowledge they need to be successful.  Expecting more from your project managers is directly correlated to the investment you make in them. 

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The Clarity A&E Industry study provides in-depth analysis that will help you assess your firm’s performance and help you improve project planning and execution. You’ll learn about the most recent Finance, Business Development, Project Management and Talent Management trends in the Architecture and Engineering Industry, KPI metrics you should be tracking, and current and historical analysis that will provide valuable insight. The report can help you understand where you stand in terms of financial management, project management, business development and talent management compared to the top performers in the industry.

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Title: Benchmarking Business Development at Your A&E Firm with Deltek Clarity

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