Why Business Intelligence is critical for A&E firms

Posted by Brian Siefkes on April 19, 2016


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Business Intelligence for A&E Firms

Business intelligence – or BI – is a term used for a number of approaches that are designed to gather, store, analyze and provide access to meaningful and insightful data. This data, in turn, is used to make better fact-based business decisions for the benefit of a business like your A&E firm.

Managers in every functional area of an A&E firm are faced with the daunting task of analyzing multiple reports to try to find the nuggets of key data that they can use to manage their portion of the company.  The challenge has traditionally been trying to monitor these reports and identify trends that can help them identify and get in front of any issues.

Trying to constantly monitor information that is dispersed among multiple reports often fails to provide the Business Intelligence that is now widely regarded as key to successful  A&E firm management.  A&E business leaders need easier access to their key metrics in order to make effective business decisions.

A Business Intelligence solution for A&E firms can provide a uniquely tailored user interface that takes those dispersed data points and consolidates them into easy to read report groups on a central dashboard.  The ability to customize these report groups is critical to getting the right information into the hands of the right people at an architecture and engineering firm.

Armed with better access to the data they need, your A&E managers can get in front of potential problems before they become significant issues.  With today’s technology, customizable dashboards that provide Business Intelligence for A&E firms should be an integral part of how you run your business.

Another key benefit that is being driven by the Business Intelligence revolution, is that firms are now learning that they can access key benchmarking information that they never knew they could before.  For example, in the past standard reports in software were very limited in how they allowed an architecture and engineering firm to analyze their performance.

If you stop and think about all the data you put into your A&E accounting and project management software over the years, you should be able to get all the key metrics you want and more.  Your Business Intelligence solution should be able to take that data and show you your performance over time, with up to the second accuracy.

It’s time to make your data work for you.  If you have an A&E industry specific accounting and project management solution in place you should be constantly monitoring key A&E metrics such as labor multiplier, utilization, net revenue per employee, accounts receivable and much more.   Your business unit managers should also be able to drive the data points that are unique to their area of the company.

If you can’t measure these critical aspects of your business, then there is no way you can identify improvements or areas that need attention for your A&E firm.  Improving your A&E firm’s performance starts with understanding your firm’s performance and the only way to do that is with the right Business Intelligence solution for A&E firms in place.

Business Intelligence is changing the way A&E firm leaders manage.  They are now able to spend more time analyzing and understanding how they’ve performed and where they can improve, instead of spending their days digging through reports and monitoring out dated information.

Deltek solutions have provided the project based accounting and project management software that architects and engineers have depended on for years.  With Deltek ERP you can be sure that your Business Intelligence is based on accurate data designed specifically for your business.

Learn more about Business Intelligence and the powerful role dashboard technology plays in providing your team with the richest insight for making the best business decisions.

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Driving A&E Firm Decisions with Dashboard Reporting

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Webinar Description:  Learn more about Business Intelligence and the powerful role dashboard technology plays in providing your team with the insight required for making the right business decisions.