Power Your AE Firm Success with Dashboards

Posted by Deltek on February 5, 2016


Running an A&E business without dashboard reporting is like driving a car using only your rear view mirror.

Tracking all of the variables required to run a profitable business or to complete projects successfully can be daunting. That is, unless you are using A&E dashboards to manage firm and project performance. Dashboards eliminate the need for multiple reports and data mining. They deliver information fast and accurately – helping you make decisions with confidence and freeing you up to focus attention on more strategic activities.

Dashboards provide at-a-glance insight and real-time business intelligence delivered in a way that is relevant to specific users and roles within your firm. For instance, dashboards can be set up so that firm leaders see things like utilization charts, pipeline and profitability graphs, while project managers would see project activity, schedules and resource utilization charts. The dashboard’s drilldown capability lets you instantly look at the detailed information behind the dashboard without having to search in multiple places.

User and role based dashboards automatically filter content according to the user’s login and access permission. Data is securely protected, so you can limit information a viewer can access by company, department, project and more.  However, provided a user has access rights, access should be flexible. With today’s mobile workforce the ability to access information from any web browser and multiple device types is key so that staff can stay informed even when they are away from the office.

The ease of access to information dashboards provide, helps to increase productivity and minimize costs due to error. When a project manager can easily track timesheet and billing detail, schedules, budgets, Earned Value Analysis, and Work-in Progress in one place – his or her projects are more likely to be completed on time and within budget.  Likewise, when a firm leader can easily track firm key performance metrics, backlogs and pipelines, that firm is more likely to be successful and profitable.

Learn about the power of dashboards and the benefits they can bring to your firm. Join Deltek’s Brian Siefkes for the upcoming webinar “Powering A&E Firm Success with Business Intelligence.  This webinar will include a live dashboard demonstration where Brian will show you how Ajera’s dashboards are designed to provide fast, accurate business intelligence for any role at your firm.

Whether you’re managing the entire firm, an important project or even just administrative tasks, having the right data at your fingertips is fundamental to driving results.  Join us to learn how dashboards can help your business.



Powering Success 
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