PSMJs 10 Project Management Best Practices for AE Firms

Posted by Deltek on January 15, 2016


Project management isn’t easy.  Doing it right can mean the difference between project success and project failure. Even if you have the best talent and strategy, you won’t succeed if your project managers aren’t implementing best practices.

PSMJ recently conducted a study to explore project management best practices in the A&E Industry. Hundreds of architecture and engineering firms participated in this PSMJ study, making it one of the most comprehensive studies recently conducted in the A&E industry.

The study explored the profile of today’s A&E Project Manager with details including:

  • Performance measurement
  • Certification
  • Training
  • Planning and execution
  • Monitoring and control

In the study, PSMJ asked a range of questions relating to these areas and compared the data they gathered against existing project management effectiveness information. PSMJ’s rich analysis of the results highlighted a variety of key factors that impact project performance and client satisfaction.

You may be surprised by the results of the study.

PSMJ’s findings may change the way you think about:

  • Effective ways to measure the performance of project managers
  • Approaches you’re A&E firm should take regarding PM certification
  • The best ways to train project managers
  • How to optimize project planning at your organization
  • The best ways to monitor and control your firm’s projects

As a long-time Deltek partner, PSMJ presents the results of their study in the webinar, Delivering World Class A&E Project Management Performance. David Burstein, Director of PSMJ’s Client Services, will provide an overview of what they learned from this study and what A&E firms can do to improve their PM practices.

In this webinar David will make 10 Key Recommendations for A&E firms like yours to improve your PM practices so that you can be more successful.  Those who attend the webinar will receive a copy of the presentation with these 10 Key Findings outlined in detail and are eligible to earn 1 LU Hour/PDH credit for attending.

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Title:Delivering World Class A&E Project Management Performance

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