Seller-Doer Business Development in AE Firms

Posted by Brian Siefkes on January 31, 2015


Maximize Your AE Business Development Impact

According to a recent study by the MarketingSherpa Research Institute, 73% of companies have no process for reengaging or nurturing leads (source). Is your AE firm guilty of this? Without an effective means of reengaging with your clients you could be ignoring significant revenue generating opportunities for your firm.

For many small architecture and engineering firms, the task of generating new business falls solely on the shoulders of the principals and project managers. This adds yet another responsibility to the long list of duties that they already have on their plate. This seller-doer model presents a number of challenges that can impede firm growth and may reduce a company’s ability to generate new business opportunities.

In many small firms, the seller-doers are often preoccupied with working on active projects and putting out fires. Their business development and marketing activities are typically managed individually using Outlook and Excel. These antiquated processes isolate marketing activities making it impossible to manage firm-wide initiatives and often lead to duplicate effort or inadequate follow-up.  This results in thousands of dollars lost in potential opportunities.

A firm’s marketing effort deserves much more attention. The ability to secure new business with effective proposals and sales processes is critical for a firm’s long term sustainability. Without the proper tracking, AE firms have no idea if what they are doing will result in a win or a loss.  A solid understanding of client history in terms of past projects, wins and losses as well as the cost and profitability of each pursuit will help a firm position itself in the best place to win. Not just win more projects, but a focus on winning the right jobs.

Firms that use the seller-doer model of marketing without a dedicated CRM system, rarely have insight into future workloads. Will you have enough work to keep your staff busy?  Do you need to hire additional staff to handle your potential projects? These questions are critical to address before it’s too late.  Seller-doer marketing staff rarely have the time it takes to manually calculate and analyze all of their active pursuits. When your project managers and principals are the heart of your marketing and your project delivery, it is critical that they are armed with tools that can track, manage and provide the insight needed to be successful.

A dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can drastically improve the effectiveness of your business development, increase pipeline, boost win rates and provide critical insight. Deltek Ajera CRM is uniquely designed to deliver AE industry-specific benefits that enable even the busiest seller-doers with the right tools they need to achieve success. Activity management and opportunity tracking gives your team an organized approach to following up on leads and nurture client relationships. You’ll have visibility into active pursuits across the firm, know where to spend limited BD time to win more work and measure the performance of your marketing and business development activities.

Deltek Ajera CRM lets you manage and nurture your prospects and clients in one central, integrated system so you can maximize efficiency, grow pipeline and improve your win rate. To learn more about how Deltek Ajera CRM can help your organization, watch the “Building Better Business Development with Ajera CRM” webinar with demonstration. <Click here for webinar.>