How to Improve Your Firm’s Resource Utilization

Posted by Shari Gardner on September 27, 2014


Bridging the gap between project planning and resource utilization is a daily challenge for professional services firms. You can't just 'throw bodies' at a project, particularly if you want to complete it faster. You need to understand the skills required, the project budget, time frames, and available capacity. Here are some of the common pitfalls of poor resource management:

  • Your star employees are overworked and delivering on multiple projects all at the same time.The danger is that these people become burned out quickly, or are spread too thin and can’t adequately deliver on every project they have been assigned to. Clients will become unhappy if they feel they are not getting the attention or results they were expecting, or if delivery targets are not being achieved.
  • A number of employees are not being given enough work.Under-utilized employees will become dissatisfied with their jobs if they are not engaged in projects that encouraged them into the A&E profession in the first place. Your profitability figures will also decline if your costly assets are not engaged in billable work.
  • You have assigned the wrong people to the wrong projects.Each member of your team has unique strengths and experiences. In order to maximize results for your clients it is essential that you assign the person with the right skills and experience to the projects where they will be successful.
  • You’re not sure who on your staff is over or under-utilized – or can’t easily track it. If you don’t know your current utilization rates you won’t be able to accurately forecast your future needs.  Not only can this hinder your ability to deliver a successful and profitable project today, but also hinder your ability to take advantage of future opportunities.

Deltek Ajera includes resource planning software designed to improve firm resource utilization: Maximize Profitability:

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into employee availability to ensure resources are allocated effectively
  • Ensure estimated fees are accurate
  • Correlate actual costs with project plans for accurate rolling forecasts and make adjustments as needed

Optimize Utilization:

  • Spot under-utilization and over-utilization in time to act
  • Leverage core competencies and assign tasks based on individual expertise and skill sets
  • Increase average billing percentage per employee

Deliver on Schedule:

  • Cross-reference resource scheduling with availability to deliver projects on time
  • Accurately track project progress based on real-time data and future plans
  • Increase the amount of time spent on analysis and management to enhance overall project success
  • For A&E firms, it is critically important to ensure that your staff is utilized in a way that ensures maximum efficiency and profitability for your firm.

Deltek Ajera includes built in resource management capabilities

 that eliminate the need to manually track budgets, schedules and utilization in spreadsheets. Ajera dashboards and reports can be set up by role and generated on demand. To learn more visit the Deltek Ajera or contact us to schedule a personalized demo.