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Posted by MarketingAdmin on January 24, 2014

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 For the past 35 years, PSMJ’s benchmark reports have been widely recognized as the Gold Standard of A/E design firmsurveys. 

 Have you benchmarked your compensation strategies and financial performance lately?  Participate in PSMJ’s A/E industry surveys and you’ll get our very popular customized PSMJ Personalized© Benchmark Tool(s)loaded with key metrics as a thank you, plus many other great perks!

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 PSMJ’s Compensation Surveys for 2014 (Deadline February 14th):

 Compensation studies require the use of multiple data sources.  PSMJ has been collecting data on 18 different management roles for the A/E industry, from Chairman of the Board to Jr. Project Manager, for over 30 years.  However, finding reliable data resources that provide data primarily based on years of experience has been a challenge.  “Industry leaders are asking for it, so PSMJ is excited to add a new compensation survey to our collection of industry surveys,” according to Kate Allen, P.E., and Director of A/E/C Industry Surveys for PSMJ.

  • PSMJ’s Staff Compensation Benchmark Survey, (1st Edition) collects data for 42 professional staff & technical positions as well as several support positions, based simply on years of experience.
  • PSMJ’s Management Compensation Benchmark Survey (32nd Edition) collects data on 18 management roles from Chairman of the Board to Junior Project Manager.  These roles may be filled by architects, engineers or other professional/technical staff.

 PSMJ’s Financial Performance Survey for 2014 (Deadline April 11th):

 Financial benchmarking provides industry specific metrics you need to make informed changes to overhead, operations and policies, as well as making a compelling case for change in your firm. Have you heard of PSMJ’s Circle of Excellence? Participating in this survey is the only way a firm can be eligible for this prestigious award!

  • PSMJ’s Financial Performance Benchmark Survey (34th Edition) collects financial data that is used to provide hundreds of critical industry metrics to help firms benchmark their financial performance.

All participating firms in our annual Financial Performance Survey are eligible for membership in PSMJ’s prestigious Circle of Excellence, an elite group of the industry’s most successful firms, based on 13 key performance metrics that demonstrate outstanding achievement. PSMJ’s Circle of Excellence has gained notoriety in the A/E industry and the annual press release announcing the winners is picked up by publications across the US and beyond. 

What you need to know about being a Survey Participant:

  • There is no cost to participate!
  • Each participating firm is sent a COMPLIMENTARY abridged customizedPSMJ Personalized© Benchmark Tool(s)Excel based, for each survey submitted providing key results with a click of the mouse!  This tool is exclusive to participating firms only as a THANK YOU for your time and sharing your firm’s data.
  • $200 savings on the final report!  The reports include survey results and insight to allow you to quickly compare your firm to other firms just like you.  Survey results are reported in relevant Peer Groups, which generally include:  firm size, practice area, types of client served, geographic region, and market sectors.
    • $200 discount on a PSMJ seminar or conference of your choice. (Excludes webinars, in-house training, multiple attendee discounts & previously registered and paid attendees).

PSMJ would like to encourage you to participate this year and every year.  It’s a win-win situation where the more firms that participate, the better quality results PSMJ can report as firms navigate the uncertain “new economy.”  If you haven’t used one of our PSMJ Personalized© Benchmark Tool(s) you may be pleasantly surprised with the ease that benchmarking can be done!

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