Axium Launches its Newest Version of Ajera Software for AE Firms

Posted by MarketingAdmin on June 4, 2013


Axium’s full suite of project management and accounting software now features customizable dashboards for every role at AE firms.

Portland, OR – June 4, 2013 — Axium, a leading developer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for AE firms, announced today the release of Ajera 8, its updated software which allows users to customize and design dashboards for specific roles within a firm.

“We know that every firm is unique and that every role within a firm organizes and views data differently,” said Chris Heim, Axium CEO. “With the ability to customize the user interface, Ajera has the capability to adapt to every exceptional role within a firm…making everyone’s job a little easier.”

Ajera 8 was specifically developed to provide AE firms with at-a-glance insight into critical business information through configurable dashboards. This helps increase efficiency and work flow by breaking down information barriers across departments; reducing operational costs and increasing profits.

“Ajera 8 allows you to see your firm your way,” said Heim.

Ajera Benefits Include:

  • Real-time business insight: Principals can quickly track key financial metrics like utilization charts and profitability graphs; project managers can see key schedule and performance considerations; accountants can view a specific client invoice and time entry detail with one click.
  • Improved efficiency: Unique dashboards can be created for specific roles within a firm, automatically filtering content according to a user’s login and access permission.
  • Enhanced Web and user security: Accessing Ajera over the Web is as safe as online banking with an SSL setup and unique user login, password and access authorizations.
  • Access everywhere: Ajera can be accessed from anywhere online and on any device, including laptops, Smartphones and tablets.
  • Cloud hosting option: Axium Cloud can help reduce both upfront and ongoing overhead costs in hardware, software and IT infrastructure and management.

“We worked closely with our customers while developing the latest release of Ajera to understand the specific needs of their firms,” said Dan Mayleben, Axium CFO. “This release incorporates our high priority customer enhancements, including Web access, enhanced security, custom dashboards and cloud hosting.”

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