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Best of A&E Blogs 2016

Annual Roundup: Best of Deltek A&E Blogs for 2016

An Annual Roundup of the best Deltek Architectural and Engineering blogs for 2016. Read them now and subscribe to the Deltek A&E blog.

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Section 179

Section 179: The Tax Break Every Business Needs to Know

As a business owner you know the importance of taking advantage of every tax break available to you. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the significant benefits of Section 179.

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Leadership for AEC Firms

PSMJ: How Managers Become Leaders

What does it take for you to move from management to leadership?  Is leadership an inborn trait or is it something that can be learned? PSMJ describes the difference between management and leadership and how to transition to a leadership role.

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Section 179

Section 179: How to Take Your Full Deduction

Many business owners are unaware they can take advantage of a special provision, under Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code, which allows taxpayers to entirely deduct certain business software and equipment purchases in the current tax year.

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Succession Planning Blog

Ownership Planning: Many Options, But No Magic Bullet

Have you ever wondered why some companies succeed at ownership transition while others struggle? The truth is no single ownership transition plan works for all firms. In this article we outline the ownership transition challenges firms are currently facing, the myriad of transition options available, and the key tenets for a successful transition plan.

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Improve Billing Cycle and Cash flow

How to Improve your AE Firm Billing Process

Shorten your AEC firm’s billing cycle, improve your cash flow and profit performance. Financial areas to look at, metrics to track and processes to improve.

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A&E Firms Drawings

A&E Accounting Software Can Help You Avoid Budget Overruns

A&E-oriented accounting software solutions available today have standard project reports that track progress made during the lifecycle of the project. These applications usually allow project managers (PMs) to budget projects on three levels:  job, phase, and task.

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AEC Industry

Why Should an A&E Firm Departmentalize? or Why Not?

Are you considering whether to departmentalize your Architecture or Engineering firm but want to learn more?  Read this blog by industry expert, Ian Denny, to understand the key things you must consider.

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Government Contracting

Government Contracting for A&E Firms

The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Government Contracting. Learn what it takes to comply with government regulations and succeed in the world of government contracting.

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DCAA Audit

DCAA: Does Your Accounting System Pass Muster?

Imagine you’ve been notified of a prospective contract award, but in order to finalize the contract you need to perform a pre-award audit.  How confident are you your accounting system will pass muster? By following these 7 guidelines you should pass your audit with flying colors!

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