Deltek Maconomy helps professional services firms win more business, increase utilization, raise profits, improve billing and accelerate cash flow.


Deltek's integrated enterprise resource planning solution delivers increased business control and maximized project profitability, and it supports a wide range of functions that powers key processes across professional services firms, including:

  • Project & program management
  • Project budgeting
  • Project planning
  • Purchase orders
  • Subcontractor management
  • Work order management
  • Time & expense management
  • Project progress evaluation
  • Project & client billing


Stop depending on narrow views of isolated information within disconnected systems. Here's how Deltek Maconomy delivers complete visibility:

  • Comprehensive – See across the entire organization — top to bottom and in all locations — across all phases of the project delivery lifecycle (proposals, plans, projects, financial results).
  • Entirely connected – All relationships among clients, resources, work and financial results are visible — and continuously updated as work is proposed, planned, delivered and realized.
  • Always current – Views of actual results (past work and current WIP) and projected results (proposals, plans and budgets) are continually updated as relationships among clients, resources, work and financial results change during the project lifecycle.
  • Easily accessible – Status views align to the user’s role and preferences (static reports & interactive dashboards) and are always accessible when needed (published or on-demand).


Here's how Deltek Maconomy turns unrelated data streams into knowledge so you have access to deep insights:

  • Accurate – Information is consistent. It’s trusted and constantly updated, so it's appropriately current for the user’s need.
  • On-demand — Information is available to users at all levels, when and how they need it.
  • Linked – The context is completely connected across the entire organizational workflow — linking front office data among clients, resources and work with back office financial results — so the information “tells a story” that explains the “reasons why” behind results.
  • Infinite – Users at all levels across the entire organization can appropriately ask — and answer — any question they may have about relevant areas of the business.