Strategies that Drive AEC Business Success in the New Normal

September 30, 2020

More than 11,500 Deltek Project Nation members came together to share best practices and connect at this year’s Deltek Insight Virtual Event. This year’s event showcased how architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms can empower their teams, reinvent their strategy, and pivot and evolve their processes.

Discover key takeaways and watch AEC-focused sessions that help power business success now available on demand.

Empower Your Team

With a more dispersed workforce than ever before, it’s essential that teams still feel connected and valued. Finding and retaining qualified staff is a key challenge that impacts every area of the business, as the hiring and training process directly impacts the ability to win and deliver projects. Here’s three sessions to help your AEC firm utilize best practices in talent management.

    Train and Develop a Remote Workforce
    More employees are working from home, in rotation, or ad hoc. How can your AEC firm effectively communicate, mentor and develop your team remotely?
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    Remote Onboarding: Part of the New Normal
    Discover best practices for onboarding employees, including how to automate employee onboarding with Deltek Talent Management.
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    Trust and Communication throughout the Employee Lifecycle
    With many teams adopting new strategies for workforce management, building trust and communicating effectively throughout the employee lifecycle is more important than ever. How do you foster a culture of meaningful communication?
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Reinvent Your Strategy

We are in the middle of unprecedented times. Now is the ideal time to evaluate and evolve your processes. Set up your AEC firm for success by planning and monitoring your projects on a regular basis, establishing best practices, and learning from your peers. These three sessions will help guide you on your journey.

    Hear from Your Peers: Customer Stories from Around the Globe
    The recent pandemic forced businesses around the globe to pivot in how they operated, requiring them to rely on technology to keep teams connected. Join us for a discussion with three AEC firms on how technology prepared them for 2020 and how they are planning for the future.
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    Fireside Chat: Successfully Using Vantagepoint to Drive Business Development
    Discover how innovative AEC companies are more effectively driving business development activities, nurturing client relationships, and winning more projects with Deltek Vantagepoint Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
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    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Best Practices
    Deltek Vantagepoint CRM is a powerful, robust solution for project-focused firms that supports business development and marketing processes.
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Pivot and Evolve Your Processes

In a world of constant change, many AEC firms are evaluating the state of their firms today, and where they want to be in the future. Many projects have continued with significant changes to project teams, project schedules, and possibly even scope and fees. Explore these sessions designed to help support your firm’s evolution.

    Best Practices for Managing Projects in Disruptive Times
    With more employees working remotely, how can your AEC firm better manage projects, adjust schedules, and improve information sharing? Discover how to empower and engage project teams with effective project management with visibility into plans and real-time access to project documents and information.
    Explore Deltek Vantagepoint best practices
    Discover Deltek Ajera best practices

    Thinking Out Cloud
    Is your growing AEC firm concerned that you don’t have the resources to maintain an on-premise solution? Are you considering moving to the cloud? Learn about the advantages of moving to the cloud and the steps to take to move Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint to the cloud.
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    The Email Management Challenge & How to Overcome It
    Are your project teams spending too much time trying to find the project information they need in email? Discover how effective email management improves efficiencies in a dispersed work force by automating time-consuming processes, improving information sharing, and reducing risk.
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This year marks the 14th year of Deltek Insight bringing together the Deltek Project Nation for an unparalleled learning and networking experience. Every year, Deltek Insight brings together thousands of like-minded professionals to exchange ideas, make new connections, and have fun. By pivoting the customer conference to a virtual format, AEC firms from around the globe were able to attend and connect online virtually this year.