Project Information and Processes for Your Remote Workforce

April 08, 2020
Linda Dininger
Sr. Product Marketing Specialist

Working from anywhere is becoming more prevalent within the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Gone are the days where an employee sits behind a desk all week. Teams are collaborating with clients, designers and construction companies across the country and the globe. How those teams are working together is shifting. From holding virtual meetings to exploring new ways to exchange large files to minimizing the number of personnel on project sites, it is now even more crucial to have the right tools in place to keep employees connected and to manage projects from anywhere so that there’s no disruption in productivity.

Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) keeps teams connected, maximizes productivity and improves quality control processes by storing all of project emails, documents and drawings in a single location so that all team members can keep projects on track from wherever they are.

Access to All Project Documentation

Having all of your project emails, documents and drawings available and accessible from wherever teams are working is more important than ever to keep projects on track.

  • Ensure your teams have access to contracts, specifications, drawings, change orders and more so they can continue to make decisions quickly and move projects forward from wherever they are working. With built-in version control, teams can quickly find the most current version of any file to ensure they aren’t wasting time working on the wrong version.
  • Monitor the status of all project deliverables from a single, custom dashboard so team members know at-a-glance where to focus their attention on any given day.

Deltek PIM_Information Zone

Collaboration is Critical

It is critical that teams can shift from meeting face to face to collaborating virtually to keep projects moving forward. From knowing which documents or drawings still need edited and approved to which defect items still need addressed with subcontractors, teams need to be able to stay connected and have the confidence they are working from the same version of truth.

With Deltek Collaboration and Deltek PIM, internal and external teams can come together to solve issues and finalize documents more quickly because they can hold conversations in the same place that the project documents reside. This provides transparency to the whole team and minimizes the number of emails in your inbox that may have inadvertently excluded an important team member. In addition, those same conversations can be preserved on a version-by-version basis so teams can reference historical information and decisions for context.

When teams are able to work together more efficiently, they can solve problems more quickly and deliver better projects.

Deltek PIM and Collaboration_Conversations around Documents

Increase Efficiency with Simplified Processes

Deltek PIM offers a number of ways to streamline how documents are created and processed, all while keeping an audit trail to keep the larger team accountable.

  • Quickly generate documents and reports (i.e., meeting minutes, project progress reports, status of defect management items) with corporate templates that are set up to pull project information automatically into the document.  This not only saves time by not having to compile information manually, but also increases the document’s accuracy because it is inserting data directly from the system. Additionally, these templates are helping teams maintain the company’s branding integrity while they are working remote.
  • Automate revisions and issue drawings to eliminate the burden of administrative tasks. Those same files can be moved through an automated workflows from document creation to formal review process to final approval so teams can keep projects on schedule and all project team members accountable – no matter where those teams are working.

Deltek PIM_Create Document

Stay Connected to Jobsites

In many parts of the world, construction is an essential business that supports many critical industries. While some team members are on site monitoring the project’s progress and quality some are in other locations needing the latest information from the site.

How do you keep teams connected and abreast of the latest activities? With Deltek PIM’s mobile app, field teams have access to up-to-date documents and drawings directly from their mobile device, so they can respond to site issues more quickly. In addition, all information collected via the mobile app is stored alongside the rest of the project record so the team has access to the real-time jobsite information.

  • Take pictures, make annotations and attach to an observation or defect management item. If further clarification is needed, teams can associate pictures with location pins on project drawings to immediately draw the team’s attention to a particular area of focus.
  • Eliminate the need for carrying paper forms around the jobsite. Teams now can complete digital forms via mobile devices for items such as observations, QA/QC checklists, defect management items and health and safety reports. With these digital forms, field teams no longer have to carry clipboards with hard copy forms around the jobsite, only then having to process those forms when back at their computer.

Deltek PIM Mobile App_take pictures and make annotations

Deltek PIM mobile app_custom forms

The Deltek Cloud

The most important feature for any team is accessibility. All of these features and functionalities don’t mean a thing if you can’t access them from wherever you may be working. Deltek PIM is cloud-based, meaning you can access your project information from any location without being tethered to a physical server. Coupled with increased security, flexibility and scalability, the Deltek Cloud makes Deltek PIM the smartest solution for storing and managing project information across the remote workforce. Reduce the burden on your IT resources and costs of maintaining hardware, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Deltek University

Once your business is up and running, enhance your product knowledge with continuous learning opportunities via Deltek University. With 24/7 access to support materials, product training programs and certification programs from anywhere, you can individualize your training experience at your convenience and at your own pace. New content is made available regularly so that you can learn more and get trained on new features directly from the people who built the products.

More than just software, Deltek is a partner that makes managing project information easy, so you can focus on what’s important: designing and building amazing projects for your clients.


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