Expanded Dashboards Empower More Informed Decision with Vantagepoint

May 04, 2020
Megan Miller
Director of Product Marketing

Having critical business information at your fingertips empowers your teams to make informed decisions faster.  With the latest release of Vantagepoint, your teams can access even more data from your dashboards and have more ways to display that data.  

Vantagepoint dashboards offer more ways to empower your users with easy-to-read visuals.

Display More Than One Chart Type

A chart dashpart can now display more than one chart type in the dashpart. In this example, the billed and unbilled transactions for a project display as columns on a chart, but to quickly draw attention to how this compares to compensation, the compensation displays as a line.  The designer controls this by changing the chart type associated with compensation.

Vantagepoint Contract Dashpart

Custom Tooltips and Conditional Formatting 

Easily call attention to the right information in a dashpart and allow users to quickly take action. With custom tooltips, you can provide additional information about the dashpart that displays in an info bubble next to the dashpart name. This can help explain the purpose of the dashpart or a special feature in the dashpart. Conditional formatting in table dashparts has been available since 2.0, but you can now compare two columns to change the text or background color of a cell or row.  

In the Billing – Fee Review Default dashpart, the tooltip lets the user know red indicates a difference between contract and billing fee values. Notice the red value in the Billing Fee column. This value is red because billing fee is not equal to the compensation column and the user needs to take action.

Vantagepoint Dashboard Billing Review

New Employee and Project Bases for Dashboards

The latest version of Vantagepoint also gives your teams more access to Vantagepoint data to view in dashboards.  

With the new Employee Base, you can view direct and indirect time for employees, see how they’ve spent that indirect time or compare that time to the standard hours they are expected to work. Those important KPIs you use to track employee time can now be included in dashboards. Filter the dashboard to employee logged or supervisor logged in.

Vantagepoint Dashboard Employee Utilization

The Project Base now provides more billing information empowering your billing users in Vantagepoint. With these new fields for billing terms, you can review and verify billing information entered on the project like in the Billing Review dashboard above to identify errors before billing. If you use invoice approvals, you can include draft invoice information. This allows users that are not approvers to view this information like in the dashboard below. Users with access to this dashboard can view unbilled aging as well as the draft invoice total compared to outstanding WIP and draft invoice comments without having to run multiple reports or have access to invoice approvals.

Vantagepoint Dashboard Draft Invoice Review

Import and Export Dashparts

Lastly, now you can share dashparts through the new import and export functionality. Sharing dashparts is essential as you grow in Vantagepoint. Whether you want to import dashparts created in a sandbox database or share dashparts with the Vantagepoint community, this new feature allows dashparts to be easily exported and imported between databases.

Vantagepoint Dashboard Draft Invoice Review

As you can see with the new visuals available in dashboards, your users can spend less time running multiple reports and easily view the information they need to run the business in one place.