Deltek Shares Data-Driven Design and Technology Best Practices at AIA Conference

August 18, 2021

The last day of the AIA Conference on Architecture 2021 (A’21) is tomorrow, August 19, 2021. This virtual conference, focused on building efficiencies, will showcase a number of industry best practice sessions and live interactive virtual booths and demos (including Deltek’s newest solution Specpoint!). Three must attend virtual sessions include:

  • Architecture & the New Technology featuring industry leaders, including Deltek’s Senior VP & Chief Product Officer, Warren Linscott
  • Focusing on Data-Driven Design Decisions with Gilles Letourneau, Senior Director of Product Management, Deltek
  • The Future of Specifications – Deltek Specpoint with Chris Metropulos, Senior Product Manager, Deltek

Read on to learn more about these exciting sessions and how you can attend these sessions virtually!

1. Architecture & the New Technology
August 19, 2021
3:20-4:10 pm ET

Today only 25% of architecture and engineering firms consider their firms to be digitally advanced, yet 76% of firms anticipate their firms will get there in the next five years, according to the Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Study. How will the rapid acceleration of digital technology impact the future of the built environment? Find out at this expert panel, featuring industry executives from three design firms + Deltek’s Warren Linscott, Senior VP & Chief Product Officer. This session will explore the future of the built environment and each leader’s vision of what’s next. You’ll learn:

  • The history of architecture + technology.
  • How architects are expanding their roles to include the development of new technology.
  • Why architects are migrating to the tech sector, and bringing their design education and training with them.
  • Alternative career pathways for tech-minded architects outside of traditional practice.

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2. Focusing on Data-Driven Design Decisions
August 19, 2021
2:10-3 pm ET

Harvard Business Review notes that data silos are “isolated islands of data, and they make it prohibitively costly to extract data and put it to other uses.” Does your small or medium-size firm lack the technology to adequately capture, evaluate and disseminate project-critical data? Or does your larger firm have the technology, but are still struggling to bring it all together?

Explore how you can keep your firm’s data current and secure when adopting a new data platform for building design and specification. This session will explore:

  • What a data-driven decision is and why it’s important.
  • How to identify the critical data points needed to drive success.
  • How to determine what level of security is needed for your practice.
  • How to prepare your strategy to launch a data-driven culture for design and product selection.

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The Future of Specifications

Deltek Specpoint

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3. The Future of Specifications: Deltek Specpoint
August 19, 2021
10-10:30 am ET

Coming to the industry in late 2021, Specpoint, an all-in-one specification and design automation tool, is the next generation of AIA MasterSpec®. Join Deltek's product expert, Chris Metropulos, to hear what's in store for Specpoint, how it will empower data-driven design decisions, and how it will inspire collaboration across project teams.

Long known as the industry-standard product research and specification resource, AIA MasterSpec developed by Deltek, provides thousands of firms unbiased, objective information on building products so they can write specifications faster while increasing accuracy. Firms like MEA Consulting Engineers utilize the solution to write specifications in less than 75% of the time that it used to take to create them from scratch.

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We hope to see you at A’21 this year! Let’s connect at our virtual booth or one of our sessions. If you aren’t attending, check out what’s new at our AEC industry pages or industry blog.

Deltek strives to serve the industry as leaders during this time of rapid technology adoption by staying on the forefront of technology innovation. Our solutions, like Deltek Vantagepoint Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Deltek Ajera project management and accounting, and AIA MasterSpec® (future home to Specpoint) specification solutions, help teams keep projects on-time, on-track and on-budget, boosting profitability and productivity. These solutions are designed exclusively for architecture and engineering firms, encompassing every aspect of your project-based business – so you can make better, faster and smarter decisions.