Ajera Mobile Timesheets - Capture Time as it Occurs

September 24, 2013

Track your time on your terms Nearly every AE firm faces the challenge of getting timesheets in on time. Deltek has helped to address this problem with Ajera Mobile Timesheets. There are many situations that cause delays in time entry. The most common is simply being away from the office and the tools necessary to record your efforts. Ajera Mobile Timesheets make this problem a thing of the past by moving your timesheet from the shackles of your desk to the freedom of your mobile phone or tablet.

With mobile time entry you can capture time as it occurs, wherever it occurs.



Reasons to Choose 
Project-based Solutions for A&E




Here’s the best part about using a web app for timesheets:

  • You can use any device. No iPhone? No problem.
  • There’s nothing to install on your phone so you don’t need IT support. It’s literally a link you can access anywhere.

Enter time or access dashboards from any smartphone, tablet, or computer

  • Enter a timesheet from anywhere with Ajera Mobile Timesheets
  • Eliminate time entry delays while away from the office with anytime, anywhere access
  • View dashboards on the go with Ajera Mobile Dashboards

Ajera's mobile timesheets makes daily time entry easy for teams. . With Ajera Mobile Timesheets your employees have the ability to add, edit, submit and check approval status on their tablet or smartphone. Get the power of Ajera Mobile Timesheets into the hands of your employees by simply emailing them a link to the mobile timesheet webpage. Then they can begin entering their timesheets anytime, anywhere.

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