WorkBook Resourcing, Project Management & Collaboration

Stay ahead of the game by integrating all of your communication, and project and resource management activities into one, easy-to-use tool.

Key Features

Collaborate with the Team and the Client

  • Centralise communication by sharing files and feedback within the task or project itself
  • Stay ahead of the game with instant notifications of conversation activity or action is needed
  • Facilitate the creative process by streamlining the review and approval process
  • Allow your customers to enter requests and see project progress by adding the Client Portal

Manage Projects & Tasks

  • Make the most of your day with flexible task management features like Kanban and scrum boards
  • Easily submit time when you finish a task
  • Quickly adjust timelines and tasks and instantly alert team members when priorities change

Control Costs & Manage Budgets

  • Input vendor quotes to the appropriate project and generate matching POs
  • Monitor project profitability and control costs in real-time
  • Add the Mileage, Expense & Materials Entry module to capture every associated project cost
  • Take action to avoid project overruns and employee burnout before they occur

Allocate Resources & Optimise Employee Utilisation

  • Drag ‘n drop resources directly to tasks
  • Improve resource assignments with task qualifications based on availability, experience and skill
  • Forecast your team’s capacity weeks or months in advance
  • Add Calendar & Email Integration to avoid scheduling conflicts by syncing assignments to users’ calendars

Other Modules

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Finance & Accounting >

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