Benefits of Deltek Vision ERP for Operations

Vision ERP Software Operations

managing resources

It is critical that you can effectively schedule people across departments, offices, business units and projects to increase resource utilisation, deliver successful projects for your clients and maximise profit margins. With Deltek Vision, you will:

  • See all resources online, with total visibility into future availability and assignments
  • Avoid using freelancers and sub-contractors when your own people are underutilised
  • Find people by skill to assign the right people to the right projects
collaborative decision-making

Collaborate effectively around shared data, with fewer meetings, phone calls, or e-mails to reach a decision.

  • Enable users to collaborate while they view shared information
  • Threaded discussions help users share their insights and conclusions, and document-sharing gives everyone the same view of information
  • Collaboration brings users to a common context and viewpoint of the data, increasing confidence in decisions

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