Project Management

Project Management


With wInsight Analytics, project managers can quickly and easily assess program performance with just a few clicks. An elegant and intuitive user interface simplifies data discovery, allowing you to achieve more in less time.

Our software uses the power of an associative data model to make discovering information faster and more intuitive. Unlike traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools that require a rigid hierarchy and only allows drill down or drill up capabilities, our program provides a flexible hierarchy that encourages drilling up, drilling down and drilling around for fast, insightful data discovery.

  • Data Discovery: Easily discover and share program performance trend information with project stakeholders
  • Government Reporting Requirements: wInsight Analytics provides full support for requirements
  • Personalised Dashboards: Validate forecasts, identify emerging issues, drill into performance analytics, evaluate EAC realism and compare forecasts over time in individual dashboards targeted for specific use cases

As a project manager, you know that visibility and control are two key factors for any project's success. At all times, you need to know where each of your projects stand on cost, schedule and value. And you need to be able to access that information immediately.