Project Accounting Capabilities

Benefit from intelligent business insights

Timesheets & expenses

  • Benefit from simple and easy-to-use timesheets
  • Provide weekly timesheets to your project fee earners through their own personal portal page
  • Easily customise your timesheets to support your job costing processes
  • Help your staff complete timesheets on the move with our Apple iPhone app
  • Automate the approval routes and processing of both timesheets and expenses

Job costing

  • Manage cost and charge rates using a central library and link grade, client or project specific rates to projects
  • Set and compare budget versus actual cost against definable cost heads like sub-consultants, travel costs and print costs
  • Cost labour hours from approved timesheets to projects and/or work stages and analyse hours, notes and other metrics using real-time data
  • Track and approve expenses online and cost to projects and/or work stages, thus creating an audit trail of charge/rechargeable items
  • Integrate purchase ordering processing to track order commitments. Also integrate purchase invoices to capture, authorise and cost sub-consultant and other project costs
  • Capture and report on expenses in different currencies

Invoice & credit control

  • Reduce the billing cycle by alerting project managers when invoices are due for issue
  • Improve efficiency by ensuring fee earners and the accounts teams work seamlessly
  • Create forecast fees by logging agreed payment milestones and ensure both the project and finance teams are notified to produce an invoice when the forecast date is due
  • Shorten the billing cycle and improve accuracy by creating both draft and actual invoices electronically, which can then be reviewed and approved online
  • Manage fixed fee and time and materials billings

Business intelligence

  • Generate business and project data insights quickly to monitor project performance and aid informed decision making
  • Present powerful, visual and easy-to-digest reports including graphs, images and tables
  • Write your own personalised reports for tracking company specific metrics or select from our library
  • Save time by using data from one system to produce reports, instead of collating data from multiple spreadsheets that are saved in different locations
  • Tailor your home screen to display information specific to your role, such as drawing issue deadlines or outstanding technical queries

Bid management

  • Reduce uncertainty by managing pipeline opportunities and assessing the impact on your fees and resources
  • Log, adjudicate and assess the viability of an opportunity
  • Maintain a pipeline register of all speculative work to support business planning
  • Forecast resources and understand the impact of a potential opportunity on future workload
  • Track win rates by market sector to ensure you are bidding for the right type of project for your practice


  • Use one system to create a practice-wide view of resource allocation, utilisation and availability, rather than trawling through Outlook calendars and Excel spreadsheets to determine availability and skill sets
  • Use a real time report that itemises resources by project, skill set, grade and rate, and assign the right team members to new projects easily
  • Create ‘what if’ scenarios and subsequently commit or abandon them in order to assess the impact of resourcing decisions at the start of a project
  • Match people with project demand and maximise project profitability