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What is BIM

What Is BIM And How Can It Benefit The Design And Construction Process?

What is BIM and who does it benefit? Our latest blog explores this well referenced topic, offers a definition, and looks at the tools and technologies needed to allow for the true collaboration BIM promises.

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project technology

Project Technology For AEC Firms: 10 Reasons Why Now Is The Time to Take Advantage

Are your information challenges caused by technology misuse? Here are a few thoughts on why now is the right time to take advantage of project technology to help you manage your information.

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Project Complexity

Why Taming Project Complexity Is The Biggest Challenge For Professional Services Firms

52% of decision-makers in the professional services industry think that the increasing complexity of projects will be the number-one challenge for project management in 5 years’ time. How are these firms planning to tame project complexity so that they can continue to meet their client’s expectations?

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Professional Services Trends

6 Professional Services Trends Your Firm Should Be Acting On

As professional services companies face more challenges, the practical job of delivery has become harder. Our recent report, based on a survey of 700 decision makers in the professional services industry shows how providers can take simple steps to improve their positions.

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Professional Services Sector

Why The Professional Services Sector Is At A Crossroads And What That Means For Business Leaders

The professional services industry is in a state of flux. While globally the sector continues to grow, competition has intensified and margins have gotten tighter. To explore these issues we surveyed 700 senior decision-makers globally, and here's what we found out.

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Project Risk

4 Ways Poor Governance Increases Project Risk

What are the risks from poor project governance? As a project-based business, winning, managing and delivering profitable projects is key. Discover how a weak project governance framework could be putting your business, projects and profitability at risk.

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Project Governance Framework

Implementing A Robust Project Governance Framework In 2018

With ambitious revenue and growth goals to meet for 2018, discover why implementing a robust project governance framework should be top of your to-do list.

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Project Governance Principles

5 Essential Project Governance Principles AEC Firms Should Follow

Increase the likelihood of delivering successful projects by focusing on the 5 key principles of project governance. Read our blog to find out what these are and how they can help you to mitigate risk, protect profit margins and increase efficiency.

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what is project governance

What Is Project Governance And Why Is It Crucial For AEC Firms?

Find out why operating within a robust project governance framework is essential to AEC firms when it comes to winning, managing and delivering successful and profitable projects.

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