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Deltek Clarity Study: Staffing Changes, Emerging Tech and New Business Growth – Here’s How A&E Firms in the Nordics Are Evolving

150 respondents across Norway, Sweden and Denmark report their biggest technology and business challenges – and how they’re overcoming them.

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Deltek Clarity Study: How Are Architecture & Engineering Firms Across Europe and Asia Pacific Solving Todays’ Business Challenges?

Discover the top trends for architecture and engineering firms in the 3rd Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study, based on insights from 600 decision-makers.

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6 essential tips for architecture firm success, with Robrecht Vermant from BURO 2018

We talked with architect Robrecht Vermant, director at BURO 2018, about running an architecture firm and his essential tips for success.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Up-level Project Information Management at Your AEC Firm

Explore how improving your AEC firm’s email, drawing and document management empowers your team, improves accuracy and reduces project risk.

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It’s All About the Data: How to Analyze Agency Performance to Make Smarter Business Decisions

Gain insights from agency operations expert, Vincent Dong, where he shared how agencies can leverage technology to better control people, projects, and profits.

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Key Advantages for High Growth Consulting Firms: Part 2 (Marketing & Strategy)

The Hinge High Growth Study revealed four advantages for successful high growth consulting firms vs their no growth peers, two of these were marketing and strategy.

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2022 SPI Reveal: As the Market Heats Up, So Do the Challenges That Lie Ahead For Attracting & Retaining Talent in a Competitive Market

The latest consulting market report from SPI shows that firms are still struggling to attract and retain talent. Find out what your firm needs to focus on.

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AEC Mobile Modernization: App for Site Inspection Reports

Free your team from the hassle of site inspection reports so they can maximize their efficiencies onsite and reduce the manual burden after the site visit.

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Key Advantages for High Growth Consulting Firms: Part 1

Key Advantages for High Growth Consulting Firms: Part 1 (Technology & Talent)

The recently completed 2022 Hinge High Growth Study surveyed over 450 consulting firms, including some of the fastest growing firms in the world. The results show that firms are no longer concerned about an uncertain future, they're now focusing on taking the actions necessary to implement new technological solutions to manage future growth.

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The biggest pitfalls that agencies keep making

The Biggest Pitfalls That Agencies Keep Making

Our recent global survey of the advertising, media and marketing industry revealed where many are getting it wrong – here’s how to learn by their example.

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