Mobilising Construction Processes to Thrive in the Digital Age

Posted by Deltek on August 26, 2020

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It’s clear the world has changed and is continuing to change at a rapid pace. We all recognise the need to ensure our data is collected, stored, and retrieved as accurately and efficiently as possible. It doesn’t stop there, we also need this information to be accessible from anywhere and displayed in a simple, digestible visual format for senior management ... Oh and guess what, we can’t wait 3-4 months to get there.

It’s no different when we focus on digitalising the construction process, where it’s clear that efficient capture of information, storage and retrieval (especially documents) has a measurable effect on stakeholders involved in the project by saving time and resources. But how do teams capture site data? Please don’t say paper forms or point solutions that aren’t integrated to the main system! Granted, there are mobile app solutions out there to do this; but, the problem is they don’t integrate the entire process together and instead act like a sticky plaster, disrupting your path to digital transformation.

Capture Construction Site Data Efficiently

Walking around project sites, capturing photos and defects, completing checklists and recording accidents are just a few of the data points that need to be captured and stored in the project file. The Deltek Project Information Management’s (PIM) mobile app allows users to capture this information directly from their mobile devices, removing the reliance on paper-laden processes (who does that anymore?). Once information is recorded via mobile devices, it is automatically uploaded to the project record within Deltek PIM, providing the entire project team instant access to vital site information, making the information archived, safe, and reportable in an instant.

Project Documents Accessible at your Finger Tips

Similar to the need to capture site information, access to project data while on site is also a critical function.  For example, if a subcontractor has a question about the placement of their geopiers, how do teams access relevant drawings to address those questions? Oftentimes, you will reference the half size drawings you are carrying around the jobsite, which can be cumbersome. Or you and the subcontractor have to walk back to the trailer to pull out the full size drawings to review, which could take a significant amount of time especially on a large project site. With the same mobile app, those teams can find and review project documentation from the palm of their hand so they can address issues on site in real-time. 


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Easy Mobile Deployment

I’ve been fortunate enough to implement software into the construction sector for over 13 years across the globe, working with all kinds of different organisations with different requirements.  Consistently I’ve found that customers often struggle with change management and designing the configuration of a system they have never used before.

My recommendation has always been, “take the standard approach first,” which we’ve designed specifically for your industry and which incorporates years of best practices and implementation experience. Then when you have been through some of the workflows on a few projects, you can adjust to the way you work.

We recently created a “mobile rapid deployment” for Deltek PIM, designed around the three key pillars of industry best practices, pre-configured user roles, and best practice mobile forms (like paper forms but digital!). This implementation option enables you to rapidly start the digital collection of site data using our templates (e.g. Site Diary, Accident/Incident, Toolbox Talk, Permit to Work) and allows the whole system to be rolled out in just 4 weeks!

This gives your site-based digital transformation a shot in the arm (no plaster needed!) but also joins your office and site teams together onto the same platform for one source of truth. Deltek PIM will boost efficiency, reduce risk and increase productivity for the office teams by saving them time when storing/finding emails and documents.

Jump on the right digital transformation path and rip the plaster off! Start with best practice, a safe way to enable you to gain faster ROI. Then make smart “informed” decisions about the workflows in the software and adjust them if required. Using this approach, within 4 weeks you will have taken your first steps to digital transformation, by centralising your data, making it accessible while on the move and benefiting from our years of best practice, saving you time and effort.

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Richard McLullich has over 15 years' experience working with project-centric firms, helping them drive higher profitability and utilisation through the effective use of technology.