[Video] Thomas & Adamson On Why They Can't Imagine Operating Without Deltek

Posted by Deltek on July 4, 2019

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We recently caught up with Alastair Wallace, senior partner of international construction consultancy, Thomas & Adamson, to understand why they chose Deltek software and where their growing team are seeing the benefits.

Tell Us About Thomas & Adamson

"I'm Alastair Wallace. I'm the senior partner at Thomas & Adamson. We are service providers in all things in the property and construction sector, so cost management, project management, building surveying, health and safety. We operate in all main sectors: commercial, residential, retail, hospitality. The biggest achievement I've seen is our growth, both here in the UK, but also overseas, over into the UAE and into America."

Why Did You Make The Move To Deltek PIM?

"Before Deltek Project Information Management (PIM), we just used a traditional email system and Microsoft Explorer, the file structure, which was great at its time, but as the business grew and the number of projects we were dealing with and the complexity of projects and the new people coming into the business all increased, just to control around those was very, very difficult."


"By using Deltek, there's no question our customers have seen a significant improvement."



"By sheer chance I attended a breakfast seminar. Within the hour I was blown away and I could really see how it could change our business. Deltek PIM was relatively off the shelf, which is nice, with the flexibility that you could change it to suit your business and change it in areas that you need it. It is now an integrated system, so from our templates, to our marketing, to how we manage inquiries, and right through to when a project becomes real and it moves to a live project and how we do that. Between where we were and where we are now, there is no comparison."

Deltek Project Information Management Software

What Impact Has Implementing Deltek Software Had On Your Firm?

"The biggest impact it's had on the business is supporting flexibility. I do a lot of travel, and my office is literally a laptop now. And I have everything in the business live. But the other thing is efficiency. We are a service provider. For quality assured, everything that we do has got to go through a certain process, and Deltek just absolutely supports that. By using Deltek, there's no question our customers have seen a significant improvement. The speed of how we deliver things through the efficiency of the system, the quality of what we produce by simply using quality templates, but also by having a built-in verification quality assurance process, we have definitely seen the benefits."

Would You Recommend Deltek To Other Firms?

"I absolutely recommend Deltek. We've been live with it for a year now, and since then I've highly recommended it to a number of organisations. I couldn't imagine going back to life before it."

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