[Video] Ashburner Francis: How We Gained Document Control With Deltek

Posted by Deltek on June 3, 2019

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Ashburner Francis is a consulting engineering firm specialising in the design of electrical and mechanical engineering services for building and urban developments. Established in 1976, Ashburner Francis draws on the combined strength of the groups’ extensive experience with offices in Brisbane, Townsville, Toowoomba and Darwin. The firm's progressive approach to design, taking advantage of the latest technologies, enables them to deliver innovative, practical and cost effective engineering solutions.

Ashburner Francis has been using Deltek to support its business since 2016. We recently caught up with Peter Caune, Managing Director of the Brisbane-based engineering consultancy, to hear how Deltek Project Information Management has helped them to achieve crucial time savings, to focus on clients, design and mentoring.

Explain The Business Challenges You Were Experiencing, Prior To Using Deltek

“The main challenge we had was two-fold. One was document control, so emails and all other documents - and trying to control and manage them, and have them accessible to the right people, at the right times. And the other side of it was job costing and time costing - so, seeing how much time we have to spend on a project and getting useful and good data out of the system."

Describe Your Solution Selection Process

"We initially started researching the internet to find out what was available. I also spoke with colleagues, competitors, and people in related fields about what they were using. We looked at probably half a dozen different programs and systems, and finally narrowed it down to the Deltek product."


"The primary difference between the system we have now and what we’ve had in the past is the document control."



Why Did You Chose To Move To Deltek? 

"The primary difference between the system we have now and what we’ve had in the past is the document control. We’ve had time cost programs before and they have had some good points and some bad points. But they essentially do a very similar thing. So the document control is what has really made the difference."

What Are The Key Benefits You Are Experiencing With Deltek?

"One of the benefits is when staff are not in the office. They may be away ill, on leave or even on site visits. If a client rings up and needs information on a project - that info is now accessible to anybody. You don’t have to wait and say we’re waiting for someone to come back. We have access to the information and we can respond, give a better service, and the client doesn’t have to wait for information. And as a service provider that really strengthens our relationships with our clients.

One of the big advantages, is when you're looking for a particular type of document, particular report, type of calculation, or fee proposal. You can't always remember the job number, but Deltek allows you to find it by the client, by an architect, by site, by location, by office, by author...etc. - there's so many different ways of finding it! It's so much easier to find those documents, rather than having to commit to a specific job number to find a particular document."


"I would certainly recommend Deltek products to any company in the engineering or architecture field."



What's Next In Your Journey With Deltek?

The last aspect of the implementation of the Deltek system is the milestone package. We are going to be using that for our quality assurance system, using the package for the milestones. Certain quality protection procedures have to occur before we can move on and complete the rest of a project.

Using the milestones package for our quality assurance systems will take us away from a paper-based system into a fully electronic system integrated into our projects. I would certainly recommend Deltek products to any company in the engineering or architecture field."

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