How Mobile Working Can Benefit Your Construction Firm

Posted by Deltek on March 16, 2018

mobile working

As a project centric-business operating in the construction industry it’s important that you provide your mobile and office-based project teams with the right tools and technology. This not only ensures that they are able to deliver to a high standard, it also enables the efficient and accurate capturing of project and business critical information on the move.

To support increasingly dispersed teams, many forward thinking businesses are ditching inefficient paper based processes and implementing mobile technology. Making the capturing, updating and sharing of information easier. This article takes you through how implementing mobile working as part of your Project Information Management (PIM) strategy will benefit your business.


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The Power Of Mobile - How PIM On The Move Can Benefit Your Business

Mobile collaboration

As well as connecting your office based and onsite teams, mobile systems as an extension of your PIM toolkit offer other powerful benefits to your business. These include:

  • The streamlining of your onsite data capture and information management processes, mirroring and improving existing paper processes 
  • The easy synchronisation of data and information captured on the move with your main PIM system 
  • Efficient facilitation of secondary activities, such as approvals and notifications 
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy of your business while reducing the duplication of effort 
  • Reduced risk of data and information loss 
  • Creation of a robust audit trail for site-captured information.

The Essentials Of Mobile Working - Technology, Forms And Devices

Mobile device management

Mobile functionality for the corporate space is quick to set up, easy to manage and offers high level security and data resilience. As expected, many mobile applications are also designed to be fully scalable for the larger business-critical user community; Deltek PIM Mobile Working is no exception.

Additionally, mobile applications allow your team to carry out their roles effectively, no matter where they are. Being away from office technologies such as network links, WiFi and even mobile data used to make performing day-to-day duties more difficult and time consuming, even if you could access business systems via your internet browser. Accessing and sharing crucial information and data was challenging.

Tools such as Deltek PIM Mobile Working, are designed specifically for use on the move. They offer simplified interfaces designed for mobile devices and allow you to take your paper based forms and make them mobile friendly.

Synchronisation capabilities support working in areas where it’s difficult to get online. You can still access and capture project and site information when off the grid, publishing it directly into your PIM system when ready.

By providing the right tools and adopting more efficient working practices, you can ditch the paper systems and work with technology that has been designed specifically with mobile challenges in mind. That means that onsite workers can access vital project information while your office team have full visibility of onsite progress, increasing efficiencies and effectiveness.

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Getting Your Team On Board

For the introduction of mobile to be successful, you need to focus on more than just the technology, you need to think about the people involved. As with implementing any new technology or system, ensuring a high level of user adoption is key.

Some top tips for getting your team on board with introducing mobile into the workplace:

  • Ensure that you have a champion for your new project who can spearhead the implementation, promote the technology and support your users

  • Fully communicate why you are introducing mobile technology and the benefits it will offer to the business and the individual users. People need to understand what’s in it for them

  • Make sure that you carry out a review of your internal processes and management systems and look at the requirements for transferring them to mobile.

There is no doubt that mobile working is the future. Connecting your onsite and office based teams is nothing but beneficial when it comes to the successful running of your business and projects.

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