Managing Multiple Projects? Here Are 6 Ways To Ensure You Master Email Management

Posted by Deltek on December 8, 2017

managing multiple projects

Every suffers from email overload from time to time, but there’s no way around it. Especially if the nature of your industry regularly sees you managing multiple projects at the same time. The reality is that email is still the most prolific communication channel used by modern architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) businesses today. You might not be able to banish email, but you can still get the upper hand. 

Gain control and encourage your organisation to become more efficient in managing the deluge of emails received on a daily basis by following the steps below.

1. Step Away From The Email Vault

Many AEC businesses make the mistake of thinking that providing their team with an email vault to enable them to store their emails is enough to get control of the situation. However, this underestimates what it takes to ensure that the information distributed by email is handled efficiently. When your team is managing multiple projects, what you need is a dedicated email management process that enables you to store, categorise and retrieve emails effectively.


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2. Start Thinking Of Emails As Business Critical Information

think of emails as business critical information

Part of the issue around managing emails is that they are not seen as information, even when they are written in the most formal manner. Emails are seen as conversations and so are not afforded the same level of importance as say, an RFI document, drawing or contract. Emails play a big part in documenting approvals, key dates and actions, and can even be useful in areas of litigation. Email is one of the main methods of communication used by business and project teams. Therefore, they are likely to contain business and project critical information and this needs to be handled in the same way that you would any other documentation.

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3. Get Everyone In Your Organisation On Board

Get everyone in your organisation on board

The best way to ensure that your business is managing its email communications effectively is to set up and communicate a process that everyone has to follow. If you don’t build the process into your systems and make it a non-negotiable part of your project information management (PIM) strategy, you may struggle to get buy in. It’s also essential to fully communicate what is expected, from how subject lines should be written and agreeing on who files received emails, to when and how emails should be filed.


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4. Don't Forget Your Attachments

Even if you are struggling to see emails as documents, you can surely see the benefit of making sure that email attachments are handled in the right way? More often than not, important business and project documentation will be delivered as an email attachment and therefore must be managed accordingly. This includes ensuring that they are filed using the correct labels and reference numbers.

5. Avoid Duplication Of Effort

Avoid duplication of efforts

With email chains involving multiple people it can be easy to duplicate effort, whether this involves multiple people answering someone’s email or filing the email communication more than once. By setting up clear rules, as detailed in point 3, you can minimise the likelihood of work and effort being duplicated and time being wasted.

6. Take Quick Action

Email communication today is fast and the volume of email sent on a daily basis continues to grow. Because of this, the process used to manage the information and documentation received by email needs to be equally quick to ensure that you avoid the risk of feeling overwhelmed and losing information that is valuable to your business and projects.

Managing Multiple Projects With PIM

A Project Information Management (PIM) strategy and system does exactly what the name implies, it offers an efficient and easy way of staying in control of your information, while you juggle managing multiple projects. Your PIM strategy can, and should, cover all of the information created and shared as part of your projects. Whether you are an architect, engineer, construction consultant or contractor, having PIM in place will assist in the smooth running of your projects. Discover how PIM can help your firm with email management and much more by downloading a free copy of our eGuide below.

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