How To Make Time Recording Easier With Project ERP

Posted by Deltek on April 29, 2016

How To Make Time Recording Easier With Project ERP

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Timesheets. A thorn in the side of every professional services firm and worker alike. From the company's point of view they are fundamental when it comes to reclaiming that all important revenue. From the employee's point of view, they are a tedious process that distracts them from the job they love. With your business's profitability at stake, you'll want to do whatever you can to encourage accurate time recording at your firm. But what steps can you take to get your employees on board?


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1. Communicate The Facts About Lost Time

It'll certainly help to drive home the importance of completing timesheets to your workforce if you can illustrate just what's at stake with quantifiable data. For instance, grasping the fact that loosing just one hour of time per billable employee per month could end up costing a firm of 100 billable employees £120,000 per annum should be enough to get employees thinking. But if that alone doesn't work, then providing your employees with the tools they need to encourage accurate, routine time recording will give them every reason to comply.

Provide your staff with the time keeping tools they need

2. Provide Your Staff With The Tools They Need

An intuitive ERP system can simplify time recording by automating some elements of the time recording process such as collection, approval and processing of recorded hours in order to save time. This could also lead to an increased staff buy-in and increased productivity.

3. Consider Mobile Compatibility

The facility to log time 24 hours per day - even while on the move - can also really help when it comes to time recording. Most ERP systems have a feature whereby a user can enter time data into their smart phone allowing your employees to capture the information you need to create meaningful reports. Saving time in this way means your employees will be able to get back to more interesting things sooner - even if it's just enjoying the view from the train window on the way home.

Encourage a culture change

4. Encourage Cultural Change With Project-Based ERP

You may have already tried these tips for improving your time recording processes and still feel you are losing the battle when it comes to timesheets completion at your firm. If so, you may need to consider taking things a step further at your firm by igniting cultural change. An ERP system with built in project functionality could help shape behaviour and win your staff around to taking time recording more seriously. Giving your employees access to a single dashboard that relates project based information with operational data will install a greater sense of accountability. Employees that are able to see firsthand how omitting just an hour of time can affect the profitability of their project - and in turn the prosperity of the company - will be more incentivised to act. This could be the catalyst you need to really ease timesheet pains at your firm.

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