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technology in architecture

Technology: Your Best Weapon In The Battle For A&E Talent

Use these 5 tips to help put talent management at the heart of your business so that you can find and retain the best employees.

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Is Employee Loyalty A Thing Of The Past?

Is Employee Loyalty A Thing Of The Past?

25 percent of millennials believe that staying at a job for just seven months indicates they’re loyal. How is your firm encouraging loyalty in a changing workplace?

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Architecture and Engineering Report

How Your Data Can Help You To Dramatically Improve Your Success

Industry sources and top performing firms agree that insight from your firm's historical data holds many clues when it comes to improving project management.

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Questions Your Project ERP System Can Answer

6 Fundamental Questions Your Project ERP System Can Answer

Here are 6 ways you can use your ERP system to make a fundamental difference to your business.

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tips to become a digital transformer

How To Become A 'Digital Transformer' In Your Business

IDC research states that if you want to sustain growth through a competitive edge, then your firm needs to become a 'digital transformer'. However, on...

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Measuring KPIs in a Law firm

To Be A Good Law Firm, You Must Prove Value For Money

The professional services landscape continues to change, and gone are the days when a law firm could rely on a loyal client base returning for their u...

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Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Trends Report

Lost Your Optimism? You Need A Fresh Approach To Business Development

Optimism is waning in the Architecture and Engineering Industry, but a fresh approach to business development could help you to get your confidence back.

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Hire Talent Fast

5 Tips That Will Help You Hire Top Talent Effortlessly

Recruiting top talent is not that easy. According to report by Robert Half, one in ten new recruits are regarded as a ‘poor hiring decision’ with 70% of HR directors admitting that they have hired someone who did not meet expectations.

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4th industrial revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution – Time For Learning

Change is the only constant, and the ability and willingness to learn and change will be the hallmark of the winning leaders and companies of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Project Based ERP For Dummies

7 ERP Terms Every Project Manager Should Know

Modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms that are built for project-based businesses are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Yet so too is the terminology that is used to describe it. As a project manager you need an understanding of the most commonly used ERP terms and concepts.

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