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managing multiple projects

Managing Multiple Projects? Here Are 6 Ways To Ensure You Master Email Management

Is your firm managing multiple projects? Here are 6 tips to gain control and reduce the risk of losing critical business and project information.

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Project Governance Framework

Implementing A Robust Project Governance Framework In 2018

With ambitious revenue and growth goals to meet for 2018, discover why implementing a robust project governance framework should be top of your to-do list.

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Best practice for project management

6 Best Practices For Project Management For Creative Agencies

Is your creative agency is struggling to keep projects on track? These six simple pointers will make best practice project management a piece of cake.

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resource planning

The Project Managers Guide To Resource Planning

What fuels successful project management? Read our latest blog about the role resource planning plays in delivering a winning project and discover what project managers can do to avoid the doom and gloom of ‘project fail’.

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Project Governance Principles

5 Key Principles of Robust Project Governance For Firms In The Construction Industry

Increase the likelihood of delivering successful projects by focusing on the 5 key principles of project governance. Read our blog to find out what these are and how they can help you to mitigate risk, protect profit margins and increase efficiency.

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cloud based erp

Why Make The Move To Cloud Based ERP?

Why should your consulting firm consider moving to cloud based ERP? We speak to our experts and discover the little known benefits of making the move in our latest blog on cloud ERP.

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tax in UAE

5 Steps For Implementing Value Added Tax In UAE

By January 2018, architecture and engineering businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will need comply with Value Added Tax (VAT) regulations. Here are our 5 steps for implementing VAT.

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what is project governance

What Is Project Governance And Why Is It Crucial For AEC Firms?

Find out why operating within a robust project governance framework is essential to AEC firms when it comes to winning, managing and delivering successful and profitable projects.

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How Cloud ERP Benefits Consulting Firms

We explore the role of cloud ERP in the Consulting industry, including short and long term benefits. And why now is not the time to delay if you want to stay competitive.

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marketing services complexity

How To Combat The Complexity Of Marketing Services

The marketing services industry needs a shake up and Technology has the power to do it.

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