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marketing services complexity

How To Combat The Complexity Of Marketing Services

The marketing services industry needs a shake up and Technology has the power to do it.

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Should AEC businesses be utilising mobile technology?

This blog looks at mobile working in the construction industry and analysis the benefits that can be gained from utilising such technology.

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Successful Projects

The challenges of delivering profitable projects in the consulting industry

This blog gives you 5 areas to focus on that will help consulting firms achieve long term profitability from more effective project delivery.

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project management trends

Project Management Future Trends Special Report: Projecting the Future

In this special report, the Association of Project Managers discuss emerging trends in project management and how technology will affect the industry.

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types of project information

4 Types Of Project Information You Should Use PIM Software To Manage

In this blog we discuss the key types of information that require a Project Information Management strategy for businesses in the AEC industry.

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VAT in UAE 2018

VAT In UAE: The Meaning Of VAT For Your Business

The UAE is introducing Value Added Tax (VAT) in 2018. Non-compliance may result in severe financial penalties. Find out how this affects your engineering and architecture business.

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business benchmarking

Benchmark Your Consulting Business In 2017: How Do You Compare?

Discover the key findings from the 2017 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark and what you can do to deliver a successful 2017.

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project information management software

Project Information Management In The AEC Industry

How should the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries deal with Project Information Management? Learn more in this blog.

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Modern ERP Deltek

Enterprise Agility With Postmodern ERP Is Key To Unlocking Success

Being agile is vital for professional services firms of all sizes, but most notably large enterprises, for the simple reason that if they fail to meet the expectations of their clients, there are plenty of predatory competitors all vying for the work.

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advantages of PSA software

7 Key Benefits of PSA Software

Read more about the 7 key benefits of PSA software and how it can make a tangible difference to your firms bottom line and operational efficiency

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