Deltek Cobra Capabilities

Manage project performance and oversight, control your project costs and easily report on earned value requirements with Deltek Cobra.

Cobra is a powerful tool and tailored solution proven to control true project health. It has a wide variety of capabilities, including:

Demonstrate Real Value of Program Controls and EVM

One of the top challenges in the industry today is getting management to understand and invest in program controls and earned value management practices. With Cobra, you'll be able to demonstrate success by quickly producing accurate, detailed reports. Your team can then spend more time analysing project performance and applying corrective action before it's too late.

Optimise Resources

With the challenge of a graying workforce, hiring qualified resources is a challenge across the board. More than ever, it has become critical that your business gets its new resources up-to-speed in a manner that is both quick and effective. With Cobra's friendly user interface, helpful wizards, online help, easy reporting and automated processes, new resources can be productive in just a matter of days. And, with a standardised system, project controls resources can be easily shared across all projects in your organisation.

Integrate Data

Using only schedule or cost status gives you only half of the picture when assessing project health. Instead, Cobra provides you with the complete picture by integrating cost actuals, budget, resource and schedule information, so you can accurately manage project performance.

Simplify Reporting

Producing manual reports can take days and may contain old and inaccurate data. Cobra uses the most timely, accurate data directly from your database, and outputs directly to MS Excel for easy modification and customisation.

Increase Visibility

When projects are managed differently, it's difficult to compare projects across your organisation. By using Cobra, you can be sure your project data will be consistent and accurate across all your programs, allowing you to compare project performance across multiple programs.



Cobra provides end-to-end cost management.

Cobra Features

Cobra Features

The guide to Cobra's robust cost management features.

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