Your Guide to a Smoother More Streamlined Digital Transformation in AEC

Posted by Deltek on February 21, 2020

Your Guide to a Smoother, More Streamlined Digital Transformation in AEC

Building is an act almost as old as time. Yet, in our new world, those in charge of designing, constructing and engineering buildings face new problems.

Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms are under significant pressure to balance thin margins with ever-growing customer expectations. To address these challenges, many AEC firms are pursuing digital transformation projects to innovate, grow and outmanoeuvre the competition.

But while the will is there, the resources, executive buy-in and opportunity needed to digitally transform can be hard to find. Forward-thinking firms need a way to overcome these issues if they want to deliver successful transformation and thrive over the long term.

In this blog, we’ll explore why AEC firms face such a pressing need for digital transformation, why it can be so difficult to get started, and how you can set your organisation up for digital transformation success.

AEC brought to the tipping point

AEC firms are in an unusual place today, facing pressures from multiple angles.

On one hand, rising customer expectations are pushing for projects to be delivered faster, cheaper and to an ever-higher standard. On the other, market pressures have corroded margins to the point where even the most prestigious firms are taking unprofitable jobs just to fill the books.

Digital transformation offers a panacea to both ills. Those that can achieve it successfully will rise above the challenges, while those that continue operating as before will likely fall behind their digitally-savvy competitors.

The first challenging steps to digital transformation

Digital transformation is a powerful solution to a range of problems—but it’s potentially a costly, disruptive cure. Many firms will agree that it’s a necessary investment to secure future success and stability. But many more find they can’t bring their digital transformation plans out of the boardroom and into practice.

Part of this is due to the culture within the AEC industries. Unless customers and clients show they want to work for digitally transformed suppliers, there isn’t much incentive for firms to change their ways.

There’s also a broad lack of investment in digital technologies across the industry. As explained by Deloitte in their article, 'Technology budgets: From value preservation to value creation', the average construction firm is spending just 1.51% of its revenue on IT. Without the existing infrastructure, resources and executive support for digital systems in place, AEC firms have catching up to do before they’re ready to develop and implement all-new IT systems.


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