McCorkell enhances project profitability and improves collaboration with Deltek WorkBook

April 12, 2022

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Data silos present a significant challenge for all creative agencies. But well-established companies with legacy systems, historical data and expertise spread across multiple disciplines are particularly susceptible to the perils of limited data sharing.

Established in 1991, the agency has successfully expanded their portfolio, providing their clients support across marketing events, content, creative, contact center, integrated technology, and data.  As the business continued to expand, McCorkell began to feel the strain of their siloed systems.

With their broad expertise and reputation, McCorkell became the agency of choice for technology companies across Asia Pacific meaning that the firm is extremely busy working with multiple clients on multiple projects. This is a great position to be in but, it presented a challenge for teams looking to share data – and for managers looking to understand profitability across different projects.

Different departments, one source of project truth

To improve visibility, collaboration, and profitability across its operations, McCorkell implemented Deltek WorkBook. We spoke with Monica Villate Escobar, Head of Production APJ at McCorkell, to understand why the firm turned to Deltek, and the benefits it has realized since its new agency management solution went live.

"As an agency, we have one objective: to make sure every marketing and sales interaction is an opportunity to improve the bottom line for our clients," says Villate Escobar. "In the past, achieving this goal took a lot of manual effort. We were very reliant on information stored in multiple platforms or in peoples' heads." The agency wanted a reliable, single source of truth for both project information and financials. After researching ERP solutions in the market, Villate Escobar and the McCorkell team decided Deltek WorkBook was the solution to support their business needs.

"One of our biggest selection criteria was around timesheets," explains Villate Escobar. "Staff had consistently found it painful to complete timesheets, so we needed something that could make that straightforward and fast – while also bringing resourcing and financials under a single pane of glass. This was one of the reasons we chose to implement Deltek and it's been amazing."

"We had a large client project running before, during and after we deployed WorkBook. And what a difference it made once the new system was live! In the past we had information in all sorts of places, which was far from ideal. Now, we have full visibility and a single source of truth. It's so simple and quick."

Monica Villate Escobar, Head of Production APJ, McCorkell,

Better visibility, collaboration, and profitability

Since deploying Deltek WorkBook, McCorkell has solved its most pressing challenges around project information visibility and cross-team collaboration.

"We had a large client project running before, during and after we deployed WorkBook," explains Villate Escobar. "And what a difference it made once the new system was live! In the past we had information in all sorts of places, which was far from ideal. Now, we have full visibility and a single source of truth. It's so simple and quick." McCorkell leaders are able to better understand profitability across projects and quickly take corrective action. "It's much easier now to ensure jobs are profitable," says Villate Escobar. "We can quickly see cases where we could potentially lose money and identify where it's happening and why.”

"At the end of the day, the profitability of jobs is the profitability of the business," explains Villate Escobar. "If we can see where our people are, what they're doing, what they're working on and how quickly or slowly they're doing it, that helps us fix just about any problem."

More benefits from Deltek WorkBook

Beyond these vital improvements to project visibility, McCorkell has found its new ERP brings benefits to other parts of the business as well. Villate Escobar shared three changes she's seen since deploying Deltek WorkBook.

1. Reduced risk of losing project information

"In the past, we were very reliant on information in peoples' heads. We'd have to constantly ask team members where things were and how they were progressing. But then, if something happens to that person, everything goes down.”

“Now, with WorkBook, everyone can be self-reliant and find their own answers. We don’t have to depend on our superstar problem-solvers to keep all the information in their heads."

2. Improved employee morale and retention

"WorkBook's resourcing and scheduling features make a big difference. In the past, I think we were at risk of stretching key players too thin at times. But now we can more accurately manage capacity.”

“It's easy to see the impact on our office environment. It's lively, it's happy, it's not stressed. In turn, that will help create better employee satisfaction and retention."

3. Greater resistance to disruption

"In years gone by, we'd have to go to a lot of different people to understand a project. If we were still working that way when we had to go remote throughout the pandemic, that would have been a problem. We just wouldn't have the opportunity to keep asking each other for project info, so having a system where everything is there and easily comparable was a big deal throughout COVID. It made it so much easier to track and work through everything remotely."


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An ERP that benefits every department

Deltek ERP solutions help project-based industries get the visibility they need to improve collaboration, streamline operations and enhance profitability. And as seen in McCorkell's journey, the right ERP also helps organizations improve resource management, maintain employee morale and wellbeing, and protect against disruptive events like employee absences and new remote/hybrid-working models.

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About McCorkell

McCorkell & Associates is an integrated marketing and advertising agency specializing in servicing the B2B segment, primarily within the IT&T sector. Their broad range of marketing and event services enables them to develop effective campaigns for their clients that go beyond common methodologies and achieve unrivalled results.

Their operation covers the APAC region with office presence in Australia, Singapore, China and India.

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