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Deltek Clarity Report

A&E: Which emerging tech have the greatest impact?

In A&E, new technologies are helping leading firms get ahead. But what solutions are most important, and how are firms deploying them?

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Norway’s Leading Law Firm Wikborg Rein Powers Its Vision For The Future With Deltek ERP

Norway’s Leading Law Firm Wikborg Rein Powers Its Vision For The Future With Deltek ERP

We are delighted to welcome on board Wikborg Rein, a leading law firm in Norway, as we help them optimise business processes.

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Callista choose Maconomy

Callista Enterprise AB: Increasing Our Level Of Digitisation

Jan Västernäs, CEO and Software Architect at Callista Enterprise AB, shares his evaluation of ERP software and why he chose Deltek Maconomy.

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firm of the future

Neil Davidson, VP Of Enterprise On The Terminator, AI And ‘Smart Working’ For The Firms Of The Future

Deltek's VP of Enterprise, Neil Davidson, ponders the firm of the future and how to get into the right mindset for what's to come.

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Neue technologien in der arbeitswelt

Neue Technologien in der Arbeitswelt– Führt Digitalisierung zu besseren Investitionen und Ergebnissen?

Der Einsatz von neuen Technologien in der Arbeitswelt verspricht große Vorteile, birgt aber auch Risiken. Im Blogpost erfahren Sie, worauf Sie dabei achten müssen.

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why cloud-based erp

Five Reasons Why Cloud-Based ERP Should Be Your Firm's Next Move

Why cloud-based ERP? Here are five good reasons it should be your firms top priority in 2018.

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modern erp

7 Signs It's Time For Your Firm To Deploy Modern ERP

Will your current ERP system support your firm's needs in 2018? Here are 7 clear signs it's time to deploy modern ERP.

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postmodern erp

Postmodern ERP: A Business Case Tutorial

Creating a business case is time-consuming and contentious - yet foundational for successful ERP projects. Discover Gartner's 4 step tutorial for creating your own.

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cloud based erp

Why Make The Move To Cloud Based ERP?

Why should your consulting firm consider moving to cloud based ERP? We speak to our experts and discover the little known benefits of making the move in our latest blog on cloud ERP.

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How Cloud ERP Benefits Consulting Firms

We explore the role of cloud ERP in the Consulting industry, including short and long term benefits. And why now is not the time to delay if you want to stay competitive.

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