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Managing compliance risk

Managing Compliance Risk: How To Protect Your Firm Against The Professional Services Sector’s Biggest Threat

Managing compliance risk is a tricky business. 91% of CEOs do not think their firm is prepared for regulatory risk, while more than a third say compliance is a top improvement priority. So what can be done?

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Client Relationships AE

What Are Tomorrow's Clients Expecting From A&E Firms?

The way that clients procure architecture services is changing, and professional services firms need to keep up with shifting market trends in order to remain relevant and profitable.

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scope creep management

Scope Creep Management For Professional Services Firms - Understanding The Risks & Gaining Control

One of the key concerns worrying professional services firms today is scope creep management, according to Deltek’s recent ‘Insight to Action’ report. Our latest blog explores how to address the issue.

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Innovation in consulting

Innovation In Consulting: How Are Your Competitors Staying Ahead Of The Curve?

To stay relevant, consulting firms need to adapt and embrace technology. Otherwise, they risk losing their competitive edge. Our latest blog explores how firms are approaching innovation in consulting.

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new ERP system

Knowing When Your Firm Is Ready For A New ERP System

Implementing a new ERP system and upgrading from your current ERP solution is a big step. Here's how to identify the right time to make the change.

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SPI research

[Infographic] SPI Research: How Top Consulting Firms Create Greater Financial Stability

2018 SPI research reveals that financial stability is a key metric for the best performing consulting firms. Check our infographic and download a copy of the full report to evaluate the KPIs and compare your firm against the best firms and the industry average.

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why cloud-based erp

Five Reasons Why Cloud-Based ERP Should Be Your Firm's Next Move

Why cloud-based ERP? Here are five good reasons it should be your firms top priority in 2018.

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Selecting an ERP

5 Tips On Selecting An ERP For A Project-Based Business

Project-based companies have their own distinct needs and requirements, this should be a vital consideration when selecting an ERP. Here are our top tips for making the right decision for your business.

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modern erp

7 Signs It's Time For Your Firm To Deploy Modern ERP

Will your current ERP system support your firm's needs in 2018? Here are 7 clear signs it's time to deploy modern ERP.

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Successful finance professional

5 Ways To Be A Successful Finance Professional In A Project-Based Business

Learn how Deltek's Project ERP can help you to become a more efficient, effective and ultimately successful finance professional.

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