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14 Results for Category Marketing & PR Agencies
Are your client relationships as profitable as you think?

How To Make Your Client Projects More Profitable

In this blog we give you the key points to address when looking to better understand your operations, clients and projects

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Marketing Services Trends

New Paths To Success: A Look At Marketing Services Industry Trends In 2017

The marketing services industry experienced a hugely tumultuous year in 2016. In 2017 the differentiator will be how well agencies develop new techniques and ways of working to cope. Read more about what’s in store for the marketing services industry in 2017

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agency project planning

Planning Projects In An Agency - When Art And Science Meet

Project planning in the creative industry isn't always easy, but Marketing Agencies can use technology to record how they have planned and resourced similar projects in the past. By building up a historical project record you can identify trends, plan more thoroughly and avoid surprises.

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Do You Really Need To Work Weekends?

The creative industry has never been one for early nights, but what toll does this take on your teams when they are routinely having to work late or on weekends?

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How to turn revenue into profit

You’ve Earned The Money, Now Bank It!

Whilst marketing agencies are seeing revenue increases across the board, many are finding it difficult to turn this into profit.

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Change Management: We Are Going Around the Leaf

Change Management: We Are Going Around The Leaf

It is natural human behaviour to resist or be concerned about change – after all, it is a step away from what is known. But how does this work in an environment such as the creative industry where change is not only continual but more often than not, seen as the pathway to success?

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Over-Servicing: Leading From The Top, Assisting From The Bottom

Over-Servicing: Leading From The Top, Assisting From The Bottom

Over-servicing has historically always been a part of agency life but what we are seeing today is an industry which has seemingly reached its limit, now being detrimentally affected by over-servicing levels.

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Over stretched and over servicing

Are Your Staff Over Stretched And Over Servicing?

When looking at over-servicing it is very easy to only consider the consequences for the agency in terms of financial loss but in reality, over-servicing has an even bigger impact on your most valuable assets – your staff.

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Don’t let over-servicing cripple your agency

Don’t Let Over-Servicing Cripple Your Agency

According to a report by PR Week and Deltek, over-servicing results in seven percent of billable time not being collected. It is no secret that this is a major issue for agencies but how can they combat this cycle?

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When a freelancer is the most expensive agency cost

When A Freelancer Is The Most Expensive Agency Cost

One of the greatest challenges faced by creative agencies today is resource planning and management – particularly when it comes to staffing.

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