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Successful Acquisition In The Professional Services Industry: Are You Building Firm Foundations Or A House Of Cards?

Successful Acquisitions In The Professional Services Industry

Discover how project-based ERP can mean the difference between firm foundations and a house of cards.

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How To Align Your Finances Post-Merger

How To Align Your Finances Post-Merger

Find out how an Enterprise Resource Planning solution can help you to align your finances and maximise profits following new business acquisition.

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A Consulting Engineering Industry Paradox

A Consulting Engineering Industry Paradox: The Value For Society Is Going Up While The Profit Is Going Down

Are firms in the Consulting Engineering sector adequately rewarded for the value they deliver to society? And would higher profit margins mean more innovation?

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improve business processes

Improving Your Processes Will Result In Satisfied Customers And Better Margins

Professional Services firms can increase customer satisfaction and margins by reviewing and improving their business processes.

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professional service firm processes

Is Your Professional Services Firm Running Best Practice Processes?

Professional Services firms can often find it difficult to benchmark themselves against industry best practice. In this blog, Rolf Hansen highlights the core processes that Professional Services firms should measure.

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Improving Operating Margin In A Consulting Engineering Firm

Improving Operating Margin In A Consulting Engineering Firm - Where Technology Makes A Real Difference

When working to such a small operating margin, it is imperative that Consulting Engineering firms looks for ways to gain control over their projects and finances.

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