Three Main Challenges To Overcome As A Manager

Posted by Stephanie Salguero on November 11, 2015

Three Main Challenges To Overcome As A Manager

We recently attended the HR Tech World event in Paris which brought together a wide range of HR professionals, software suppliers and market experts. At the event we took the opportunity to meet with almost 100 managers from a variety of industries to ask them what their three main challenges were in their role.  There were six options to choose from:

  1. Bringing out the best in your employees
  2. Dealing with under-performing employees
  3. Improving productivity
  4. Managing change
  5. Hiring the right people
  6. Retaining your best talent

The most popular answers were:

  1. ‘Managing change’ 71.8%
  2. ‘Bringing out the best in your employees’ (64.1%)
  3. ‘Hiring the right people’ (51.3%)

Further results included ‘Retaining your best talent’ (43.60%), ‘Improving productivity’ (41%) and the least chosen option ‘Dealing with under-performing employees’ (15.40%).

Managing Change

Change is constant and usually happens fast; businesses need to adapt to change more often than any time before to stay aligned to the market demands.

Communicating clearly to their team from the outset will avoid unnecessary worries and disengaged employees. Change is always easier to implement with the support of the employees.

Often, companies expect managers to implement change without providing a clear and consistent message or the relevant training- this can leave managers unprepared.

Bringing out the best in your employees

Are your employees happy in their job? Do they believe in what they do? Are they an advocate of your company’s culture?

Investing in your people will get the best out of them. Provide relevant training courses and consider introducing remuneration packages linked to their goals and targets (meritocracy).

Outline career paths which are attainable and realistic- this will show that you care about your employees’ future and this will help to keep them motivated.

And lastly, praise your team. The more you give credit, the more people will be loyal to you.

Hiring the right people

It’s an ongoing business challenge – finding the right employees who possess the necessary skills and will fit your organisational culture.

Employers should view new employees as an investment and forecast returns, both financial and intangible, over time. On the flipside, bad hires can cost a lot of money to a business through unfulfilled work, additional training, and potential cost of replacement. According to a report by Robert Half, 1 in 10 new recruits are regarded as a ‘poor hiring decision’ with 70% of HR directors admitting that they have hired someone who did not meet expectations.


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