New Research: Challenges Facing the Global Creative Industry

Posted by Kylie Webb on September 16, 2015

New Research: Challenges Facing the Global Creative Industry

Can creativity be scheduled? It is riddle that has been troubling the industry for decades now. How can something as intangible as creativity be confined by a timeframe? Inspiration can come in a moment or it can take weeks of brainstorming, research and comps (and still be genius). But operating with infinite timeframes is not feasible for commercially successful agencies who seek to exist in a fiercely competitive market.

Deltek and ClickZ recently set out to try to get to the heart of this and other issues troubling global creative agencies as they strive to mark their creative success and grow their businesses.

Our research shows that scheduling creative work, or in other words resource management, is one of the primary challenges that agencies are currently grappling with. 49% of respondents rank their biggest challenge as managing rising client expectations cheaper, better and faster. This is a challenge that can only be overcome with a robust process for scheduling, imposing deadlines and assigning resources by applying their creative talents.

The implications of not adopting an agency management system and process to handle resource management within your agency are infinite – dissatisfied clients, burnt out staff, duplicated efforts, and margin erosion to name just a few. But the research shows the majority of agencies continue to bury their head in the sand when it comes to managing their most valuable resource – their people. 54% responded that their agencies are not doing enough to adopt the technologies to manage resources and allow more focus on the client.

With creativity comes ambition. Ambition to win awards, delight clients, and of course be a profitable business. These ambitions will only be met by finding new, more efficient ways to work and deliver your services and put the focus on improving your resource management so your people can focus on what they do best.

To find out more about the challenges facing the global creative industry, and actionable advice to overcome them download the full report: The State of Creative Agency Land 2015.