Can Technology Help The Changing Marketing And Communications Industry?

Posted by Ashley Miller on May 11, 2015

Can technology help the changing Marketing and Communications industry

‘A poor workman always blames his tools’ is a well-known quip but I would challenge that, actually, having the right tools at your disposal is a critical part of completing any project successfully.

Prepare your Agency in a changing industry

The new world of digital consumption is booming and this is particularly palpable in the fast paced world of Marketing and Communications, where creativity is key. In order to continue to be successful, Marketing Agencies must stay ahead of the trends and enable their greatest assets; their people , to be free to think creatively and not be stifled by outdated technology, wasting precious time and energy.

To continue to stay relevant and win new business, you have to portray to your clients that you are the most innovative, forward-thinking agency in your field of expertise, and that you are capable of capitalising on all the changes and advances within the industry in in order to help them to continue to reach their audience.

”News that the Direct Marketing Association has decided to launch a Search Council points to digital’s propensity for ’marketing mash-up’. Search is blurring into direct, PR is morphing into social media and social media is meshing into search.”
Ben Romberg, The key to marketing integration is fluidity between budgets and disciplines, The Guardian, August 2012.

This is a great quote which sums up the way digital is continuously transforming the Marketing and Communications industry.

What are you doing to ensure that you stay relevant?

Are you turning the challenges that a changing industry brings into creative opportunities with an integrated, multimedia approach?  Of course you are! This is your area. This is what you do best - Taking an idea and forming it into a brilliant PR brief, event or presentation of completed research.

The digital age also brings many opportunities such as the opportunity to diversify, perhaps overseas, and the opportunity for growth and expansion of services leading to increased talent with your teams.

The Chairman of the Marketing Agencies Association, Ian Millner said ”We have to equip our agencies with the skills, attitudes, talent and patience to help our clients and ourselves innovate our ways to growth.”

Or as I like to say, a builder cannot build a wall without bricks!

If you want to grow your marketing agency, you need to get the right talent to enable you to achieve your goal. 

Can you do more?

Perhaps the flux-like state to the industry is also unsettling and overwhelming.  Maybe you are struggling to know with absolute confidence which avenues to pursue? 

This is where new technology can help.

There are so many options available to Marketing Agencies today that can help them to manage their business, identify opportunities and overcome challenges.

In particular, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) are providing Agencies with the insight they need to overcome challenges in their changing industry and better business decisions. Agencies should now capitalise on the technology available to provide vital business information to help them to forward plan and answer questions like:

  • Should we diversify?
  • Are our traditional services providing the margin we want?
  • Do we have the skills in house to deliver for our clients changing needs?

If you want to learn more about the changing Marketing and Communications Industry and the challenges and opportunities agencies will encounter throughout 2015, download this Industry snapshot: A Snapshot of the UK Marketing and Communications Industry 2015. (This link has been updated with the 2016 version)