How To Prove The Importance Of Timesheets in Your Agency

Posted by Ben Titley on May 5, 2015

Here three reasons why accurate timesheet recording will benefit you and your agency.

Timesheets are an important part of every Agency but can come with a “negative” perception – here are three reasons why timesheet recording is important for you and your Agency.

If you were to ask employees in creative agencies throughout the world about some of their top “gripes”, completing their own timesheet is likely to be one of the most common.  There is a misconception that timesheets are “big brother-ish” and create a cultural imbalance between management and their teams.

Employers have to change the mindset of this cliché’ by emphasising how timesheets help not only the business as a whole but also the individual.   

Below are a few important things for every creative team member to remember about how accurate timekeeping ensures that you don’t become burned out, aren’t over worked and that the projects you are working on are profitable.

Your time is valuable

You’re working hard, meeting client demands and timelines however, without showing it accurately and in a timely fashion, no one will know.  To ensure you are rewarded for your “job well done” and play your part in keeping the projects you are working on profitable, tracking all of your valuable time is imperative.  Timesheets are not a tool to “micro-manage” you and your time, but are used to understand every aspect of the projects you are working on and to ensure that you are not being overworked, which could lead to potential burnout, affecting your performance and overall profitability.

No time for timesheets?

You are a part of your Agency’s success

By entering timesheets that have the right amount of hours, you can help your organisation understand where there is potential over-servicing and enable management to see what tasks may take longer than originally projected. This helps everyone on your team and in your organisation by improving future quotes and minimising the potential impact on each project’s profitability

Forecasting with more accuracy

Being able to forecast more accurately ensures that your Agency will be able to better service your clients and lessens the chances of any additional costs that may create tension between your client and your agency. As a team, you will drive greater profitability from every client with more accuracy and confidence.

Timesheets aren’t meant to be a burden or hassle.   They aren’t a tool that your management teams use to manage your time – they play a crucial role in your agency’s overall success.  When you report your time accurately and on time, there is a better chance for overall improvement and efficiencies on future opportunities.  Recording accurate timesheets also helps to ensure that you aren’t tasked with more work that could result in your inability to deliver the quality of work you desire.  So remember to add some time into your day to ensure you are reporting the valuable time that you are spending on each project – it will make a much bigger impact than you may think and who knows, you may be rewarded positively for it.