7 Questions Leaders In The Scientific Research Industry Need Answers To

Posted by Blair Pringle, New Business Director on May 27, 2015

7 Questions Leaders in the Scientific Research Industry Need Answers to

In comparison to other service sectors, the Scientific Research vertical is small. Yet the industry makes an immeasurable contribution to meeting the technological and social challenges of the future.

But what is life like for professionals running a Scientific Research company? What are the business issues at stake?

In this industry, meticulous reporting practices and careful administration of funding sources, programs, projects, activities, people, output and outcome and underlying financials are essential for demonstrating efficient use of funds and resources and getting the most out of your key assets.

Some of the key questions Scientific Research institutes, agencies and organisations need to ask themselves in order to stay competitive, and to the likelihood reduce funding cuts are:

7 questions leaders in the Scientific Research Industry need answers to:

  1. Can I manage the development of an idea into a project in a single online process?

  2. Do I have a complete overview of my funding sources, research groups and other stakeholders?

  3. Do I have direct access to budget, updated cost-to-date and remaining budget on projects?

  4. Can I manage funding, programs, projects, and outcomes efficiently in one system?

  5. Can I monitor and report progress in real time to my stakeholders and funding sources?

  6. Do I have a complete overview of spending and subsequent invoicing of funding sources?

  7. Am I able to submit accurate reports to funding sources regardless of their requirements?

To help you answer these critical business questions, and to learn more about the trends transforming the industry download the 2015 Scientific Research Industry Snapshot.