Improve The Accuracy Of Your Scheduling And Resourcing

Posted by Leslie Durrell-Loveday, Marketing & Creative Agency Specialist at Deltek Traffic Live on October 8, 2014

improve accuracy of resourcing

Your staff are the most valuable asset within your agency. The catch 22 is that they are also the most expensive cost. However by scheduling accurately and resourcing your staff in real time it will come as no surprise that you can you significant increase bottom line profit.

Schedule Accurately

A studio working on large quantities of jobs that require constant amendments makes accurate scheduling hard to achieve. Overruns and over servicing will eat into your profit. Archaic processes and confusing spreadsheets are inadequate ways of predicting what’s happening on jobs in the real time. Therefore there is no opportunity to modify and adapt your project scope as they change. You will reap huge benefits from a resource management solution that can schedule and manage a job quickly and precisely. It’s also important to identify staff with relevant skill sets and with the capacity in the project time frames.

Resource Effectively

In order to increase profitability in the studio you require a process that can easily identify all resourced work but also give you an indication as to how much time is being logged on that work. A clear calendar view incorporated with a user-friendly resourcing tool will allow you to move work around with efficiency, reducing studio overrun. If you can facilitate a studio working to full capacity you can reap the financial benefits.