Can Your Business Keep On Improving?

Posted by Chris Duddridge, Business Director on July 3, 2014

can your business improve?

In a world of thrive or dive, is your fast-growing business agile enough to cope with the demands you throw at it?

We all know Charles Darwin’s view on survival: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.”

And as a dynamic and growing business, you also know that to survive you must not only thrive but evolve. This means adapting to internal and external change all day, every day.

But where to start? Like most things, by going back to basics and looking at your project planning software.

Mend, don’t make do

Professional Services organisations are ultimately based on project work, with the overarching goal to improve their performance quarter on quarter. This is all very well when projects, clients and teams are much smaller and manageable, but as all three grow so too does the scale and complexity.

An increase in numbers - from resources through to revenues - means an increase in how many people become involved and how much value they add and money they cost. And while this is all part of the journey undertaken when growing and nurturing a fast-growing Professional Services business, it requires careful planning. This should all be addressed in your project planning software.

A business system built for a project-based business which may have worked in year one is unlikely to be as efficient in year ten. In fact, it could well be having the reverse effect: stunting growth instead of accelerating it and in short holding you, your team and your business back.

Step in, evolution

Using project planning software could be the fuel injection your business needs to aid that acceleration. It’s not about starting again, it’s about improving on what you have and adapting accordingly.

3D vision

In essence, like the real world, the picture of your business should at all times be three dimensional and not flat. If you have this 3D overview - with the help of project planning software - of your business at all times, not only do you have a clearer picture, but you also have the ability to flex, make changes and, most importantly, grow and evolve.

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