For Marketing And PR Professionals: A Battle Plan For Promotion

Posted by Chris Duddridge, Business Director on June 6, 2014

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You may have just returned from a well-earned break, or are looking forward to that long anticipated holiday. Either way, the allure of warm weather and sunshine this summer is no excuse for putting your career plans on hold.

In fact, the more laid back weeks of the summer can provide the head space you need to engage in some 'positive mental attitude' (PMA) thinking with the aim of drawing up that perfect battle plan for promotion.

But if you are an ambitious account manager looking to show you have what it takes to step up the career ladder then your plan for promotion needs to include some key elements. For instance, you need to demonstrate you have the confidence, talent and skills necessary to take the responsibility for a broad range of processes. From planning to administration, budgeting and resourcing, it'll pay for you to step into the shoes of your account directors and 'walk the walk' before waiting to be asked.

This also has the benefit of opening doors for your own boss. Taking certain pressures away from them will help drive them up the ranks and leave their existing role open for you to fill.

This tactic can be passed down the line as well as up. Matching the right talent in your team with the service demands of the client will encourage colleagues to take more of an active role over the account. This will not only drive their own career development, it will provide you with some respite over your own day-to-day duties, freeing up more time for you to 'up-scale' your responsibilities and move closer to your desired position.

To do this effectively, you may need the help of your firm's management tools - such as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which will help establish who has the skills for the job. ERP software will also help you get a grip on service levels, which is a sure way of impressing your peers.

This is because - as one of the more challenging disciplines of modern-day agency life - it's often tempting to over-service and under-cut in a bid to fend off competition. Having access to the right business data - for instance time and budget information - will help you identify areas of concern and give you the opportunity to raise any issues with your clients and directors. The aim is to turn over-servicing into a revenue generator by - for instance - charging out extra work as a project or adding to the client's original retainer contract. It’s a winning formula for promotion!

With the right technology, vision and plan in place that promotion could soon be in your hands. So resist drifting off course this summer and stay in PMA 'mode'. You'll soon be journeying along on your desired path to career success.