Should You Phase An ERP Implementation?

Posted by Fergus Gilmore, Managing Director on May 21, 2014

implementing ERP

...that is a question that often arises when an organisation is considering an ERP implementation. The latest Nucleus research I’ve seen suggests that using a phased ERP deployment can build end user buy-in. 

Nucleus found that some customers moving from multiple manual systems or paper based systems determined that a large-scale ERP deployment including reporting was too much for end users to digest at once. Organisations surveyed were more successful when they implemented ERP in stages so that employees could be trained on new capabilities and processes and master them at each stage before moving on to the next.

Another advantage of a phased ERP implementation is that it will reduce the amount of resource that your organisation will need to assign for your project. By maintaining a smaller, more focused project team, one phase can be completed before moving on to the next. This ensures that each stage of the implementation is more likely to be a success.

Clearly there is often a requirement to go for a big bang implementation. In those circumstances I would advise that you spend time getting the correct ERP implementation plan in place, that you identify the right resources to complete the project and that the timescales are realistic.

For more information on the research around successful ERP implementations please download the Nucleus Report.