Improve Resource Management And Staff Utilisation In Your Business

Posted by Samantha Lippet, Senior Sales Engineer (Maconomy) on December 6, 2013

improve resource management

For Professional Service firms, it is critically important to ensure that your staff are utilised in a way that ensures maximum efficiency and profitability for your firm.

As your employee’s time is your key asset, which you are using to service your clients, it is essential that you avoid the common pitfalls of poor resource management:

  • Your star employees are overworked and are having to deliver on multiple projects all at the same time.
    The danger is that these people become burned out quickly, or can’t adequately deliver on every project they have been assigned to. Clients will become unhappy if they feel they are not getting the attention and outputs that they are paying for, or if delivery targets are not being achieved.

  • A number of employees are not being given enough work.
    Under-utilised employees may become dissatisfied in their jobs as they are not engaged in the projects that encouraged them into the profession in the first place. Your profitability figures may also decline as a number of your costly assets are not engaged in billable work.

  • You have assigned the wrong people to the wrong projects.
    Each member of your team will have their own unique strengths and experiences. In order to deliver results for your clients it is essential that you assign the person with the right skills and experience to the projects on which they will be successful.

  • You have no clear idea of who is over-utilised or who is under-utilised.
    The first step to achieving better resource management is to have a clear picture of your team’s utilisation at any given time. Having the ability to identify who is over-worked, under-worked or working on the wrong projects will allow you to make decisions to improve the situation. These critical decisions are often the difference between delivering a successful and profitable project, or not.

What resource management tools should you use?

Deltek’s resource management tools enable professional services firms to get the visibility they need in order to make strategic resourcing decisions.

Deltek People Planner is a highly effective resource planning tool that allows you to accurately plan the resources required from your staff on future projects. This planning ensures that costs can be reduced by minimising the need to bring in sub-contractors in order to deliver on client projects. Current staffing levels can be accurately analysed to reduce surplus and you can easily identify when you may need to add to your team..By comparing the number of actual hours spent by employees on entire projects or individual aspects of projects as they are undertaken, resource plans can be adjusted and amended to easily allow you move your team on and off projects.

Comparing resource and project information allows you to improve project estimating in the future and ensures that the estimates provided to clients are more accurate. When planning similar projects in the future your resource planning can be accurately drawn up from the first plan, allowing you to continually refine how you plan and deliver projects.