Win New Business Using Deltek Vision

Posted by Kevin Van Kirk, Deltek Vision Sales Engineer on October 24, 2013

As activity in the Architecture and Engineering market continues to increase, the need for efficient methods of winning new business becomes more critical. Many firms I work with endure a painful process of compiling proposal documents from reference project information, employee CV’s, client references, project budgeting, etc. Sourcing this information is difficult because it often resides in several disconnected systems. Too often this information is held on individual employee computers, or even worse, exists only in hard-copy.

Create effective proposals to win new business

While the ability to merge an elegant proposal from a database may seem like an unachievable ideal, integrated solutions like Deltek Vision allow marketers and business developers to produce proposal documents with a single mouse-click. Template documents allow for standardisation of corporate styling and compatibility with MS Word and Adobe InDesgin gives firms flexibility to use the best tool available for creating final documents.

Measure the effectiveness of your efforts

Proposal generation is only one small cog in the Vision CRM mechanism that can enable you to win new business more easily. In Deltek Vision, proposals are linked to opportunities that may be managed as part of a well-defined marketing campaign. Having access to defined campaigns will allow the business development and marketing teams to measure the effectiveness of their efforts, thus helping to justify marketing budgets.

Keep track of your business critical information

Deltek Vision also delivers an interface with Microsoft Outlook giving users a tool they are already comfortable with for the creation and management of activities, tasks, opportunities, clients, contacts and other critical records. The integration of all these components with the entire Deltek Vision solution limits the loss of information between the CRM process and the Project Management team.