How Deltek Maconomy ERP Enables You To Control Your Business And Improve Your Bottom Line

Posted by Samantha Lippet, Senior Sales Engineer (Maconomy) on October 17, 2013

The core driver for most project-based businesses seeking to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, is to allow them greater control of their people, processes and projects. This subsequently helps to improve profitability and reduce unnecessary costs. 

Deltek Maconomy, is a purpose built ERP for professional service organisations, providing control over costs throughout the life-cycle of a project through flexible approval workflows. Thereby allowing both internal and external costs to be approved or rejected ensuring accurate cost recording and increased awareness for Project and Department Managers. Many Maconomy clients have gained increased profitability due to these extra checks. Innaccurate registrations against projects are diminished leading in turn to a reduction in write offs. 

The Maconomy ERP system ensures that Project Managers can monitor and accurately control the profitability of their projects. 

Through Maconomy’s integrated detailed budgeting Managers are able to gain insight into project performance at any time. The comparison of budget to actuals at any point increases managers control and this transparency ensures that where projects are underperforming preventative measures can be taken. Moving forward this can prevent future unplanned over servicing of clients and promote more accurate billing and revenue recognition.