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Marketing Services Trends

New Paths To Success: A Look At Marketing Services Industry Trends In 2017

The marketing services industry experienced a hugely tumultuous year in 2016. In 2017 the differentiator will be how well agencies develop new techniques and ways of working to cope. Read more about what’s in store for the marketing services industry in 2017

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Legal sector trends

Partnering For Success: A View Of Legal Sector Trends In 2017

Despite being viewed as a traditionally conservative industry, the legal sector is not immune to trends or client demands. Read about challenges and expectations for the legal sector in 2017

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trends in management consulting

Key Challenges For Management Consultancies in 2017

Management consulting is defined by its client’s needs – as they change, so must the industry. Find out what’s in store for management consultancies in the year ahead

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future of architecture

Driving Success In The Architecture & Engineering Industry In 2017

Find out how the industry is bouncing back from its year of uncertainty and read more about the latest trends in the architecture and consulting engineering market

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understand your consultancy firm

Discover How To Really Understand Your Business

This video blog from Deltek discusses why it is important for consultancy firms to have key operating metrics in place, why it’s important to measure resource utilisation rates, how historical data can support future projects and more.

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how ERP can help you manage the project lifecyle

How To Better Manage Your Project Lifecycle

In the professional services industry, no two projects are alike and more often than not they are considerably different. In this video you can learn more about how to better manage your project lifecycle

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how project ERP can help you succeed as a Finance Director

5 Ways To Be A Successful Finance Director (And How Deltek Can Help)

Learn how Deltek's Project ERP can help you to become a more efficient, effective and ultimately successful Finance Director.

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how consulting firms can maintain consistent profit levels

How To Grow Your Business And Keep Your Profit Levels High

Learn how you can maintain consistent profit levels in your business without restricting opportunities for growth.

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how to achieve financial success

4 Tips That Will Help You Achieve Financial Success

Understanding your business' financial past can help you to create a more profitable future. Here are four things you should consider to enable success at your firm.

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the changing role of the CFO

The Changing Role Of The CFO: What You Need To Know

The role of the CFO is changing in many business. Use the best practice tips shared in this infographic to make sure you stay on top of the change.

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